How are we still unable to map Xbox guide button?

It was baffling that the device released without the ability to even use the Xbox guide button, then updates added the ability to at least use it via LLB+RS.  Then we wait months for key remapping, and when it finally arrives that's the one controller button that you can't map? 

I know this is mentioned in the latest 4/9 community update, and that the ability to remap this function is "likely coming" but will take "quite a while".  My question is, why is this so hard?  This button has been a central component of all controllers for the last 10+ years, it shouldn't be this illusive to access it and remap it on the Legion Go.  The shortcut works, but if you fumble the button combo at all while playing a game then you have to wait for Legion Space to open and load before you can close it down and try it again.  It'd sure be nice if we could remap this function, been waiting half a year for a simple feature that was available almost immediately after release on ROG Ally.

  • You can map the Xbox buttons with the latest update. I just got around to mapping mine a few days ago but yeah you can map them now

  • I know you can remap buttons, I'm talking about the Xbox guide button.  It says in the 4/9 community update that this feature is coming, but will take quite a while.  This is the one controller button that isn't available when remapping in Legion Space.

  • NOTE: Updated post and title just to clarify that I'm referring to the Xbox guide button.

  • Use HandheldCompanion for all your controller mapping needs. Waiting for Lenovo is hopeless.