Which docking station are people using?


What docking station are people rolling? On Amazon they seem to be for steam deck etc. anybody found a successful one with a link in the UK?

  • Hey Zelours, I'm using the Jsaux dock for my go. I love it! 

  • Hi Zelours,

    I've used severals :
    - HP G5 : Working (having issues after 3 month of usage, don't know if it's a dock issue or not since I bought it used)
    - UGreen Revodock MAX 213 (Thunderbolt 4) : pretty pricey but work nicely and you have 2.5Gb/s Ethernet + capable of 3 display output (2xUSB C/Thunderbolt + 1x DisplayPort : I am currently using 2x4k@60Hz displays when I do work on the legion go. You need to update windows driver for realtek ethernet because stock driver are causing issues ...
    - UGreen Revodock 11-in-1 (CM681) : Working great but you need to update windows driver for realtek ethernet, It has 2 hdmi output which are both capable of 4k@60Hz or (1x 8k30Hz : useless for a legion go ...)
    - UGREEN Revodok Hub 7 in 1 (4k@60Hz variant) : Working flawlessly, curently using for my TV setup when gaming on my TV.

    These are what I've tested so far.


  • I've been using mine with a Dell WD19 @ work. It works just as well as plugging my work laptop into it.