Best keyboard?

I want a keyboard for on the go that doesn't use a dongle, can you guys provide some suggestions?

  • Hi  ,

    I can totally recommend the foldable Seenda Bluetooth Keyboard (available in different colors, black, this bluegreen and pink if I recall right):

    It is super portable and light, it works great (just has very flat Notebook like keys, you first need to get used to), it's multitouch trackpad works nicely in most cases

    BIG + 

    You can connect up to three devices per Bluetooth, which is really handy. I connected the Legion Go, my smartphone and my Ipad Pro to it and can seamlessly switch between those WinkOk handThumbsup

    Wasn't aware about such useful foldable keyboards before and I'm really happy with it; I would buy it over and over again SmileyThumbsup

  • I review a decent amount of mechanical keyboards, but how will you use it? Mostly for productivity? Casual use? Gaming? If gaming, you'd want something with a high polling rate and likely wired or with a wireless connection vs. Bluetooth.

  • I have been using the Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard. It works great but I use it docked with a mouse. If I were to use it for more travel and not docked I may want one with a built-in trackpad may be better.

  • I’ve had this for a few years now. It’s cheap, lights up for night time typing, it’s made of metal so it’s durable, and the battery will last a month on a single charge.

  • If you want a mechanical keyboard with Bluetooth there are plenty of options available. My two suggestions would be a Corsair K65 Plus wireless or Keychron Q Max. I doubt really recommend playing without the dongle, but these will for sure get the job done. 

  • Try to find Bluetooth 5.2 or 5.3 one. Logitech , or Jlab have it afaIk...

  • I hope I am not breaking any forum riles. I'm not sure if the forum allows for posts including external links to Amazon, but the Razer Huntsman comes in 3 flavors and two colors (never get white), and it has been amazing. Responsive as any gaming keyboard I have ever used and 60% the size. I recommend the Clicky Optical keys. Very satisfying tactile response, sound and feel.