Pending Rewards Points

Good day dear community. Could someone tell me how long my rewards points will be activated? They have been pending for more than a month. And I would like to make a purchase and be ableto use them.

  • I have heard in similar threads that they will remain pending until the end of the period  where you can return it for free. Not sure when that is. 1-3 months? I agree that they could have a countdown display or a date somewhere.

  • Referral Rewards Points take 45 days from verification of referral purchase completion. I'm not sure about purchase Reward Points, but I would assume it would be about the same.

    "Referral Rewards Points will be automatically delivered to your My Lenovo Rewards account within forty-five (45) days of verification of referral purchase completion."

  • If you think they should have been unlocked by now contact customer service.