Best portable monitor

I’ve maximized my gaming experience using the Changingtouch monitor, but there’s one downside, it’s not touch-sensitive. Well, maybe I’m just being too picky.

  • I use the Sotsu portable monitor.

  • When I looked into them a few years back, it seemed like everyone was using the same one of like 6 panels based on size and touch or not, and the only significant difference was in how you like the user experience they put around the panel. And that definitely makes a difference in how much you'll bother to set it up... but also it didn't make me want to splurge on a name brand.

    I've looked briefly at upgrading a few times and it seems like the market may have evolved since then? The designs certainly look better these days.

  • You are right.

  • Also curious to find a good affordable option

  • How is the changingTOUCH monitor not TOUCH sensitive? Doesn't the Go already come with a touch sensitive, portable monitor built in? I thought that was most of the whole point of it.