BIOS Update 32 is available under the Go's Lenovo website support page

Here is the download link.

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After downloading the update, I started the install process which was a textbook installation for me.

After the update prompted me to reboot in Windows the Go booted into the BIOS updater.

The updater took several minutes, then gave a warning about the blank black screen that was going to occur after another reboot.

Then the reboot came, followed by the blank black screen that lasted for 1 minute and 47 seconds before another reboot.

After the last reboot that I mention in the line above, the Go rebooted into Windows without any issues.

I checked BIOS settings; nothing had changed after the update.

I haven't played a game yet to see if there is any performance change.

  • Thank you for sharing.

  • Just so everyone knows, the power button turns red during the update. It’s not an error, but more of a DO NOT TOUCH warning.

  • Thanks for sharing details of the upgrade process.  Otherwise many folks might have thought that it failed after the first, or second black screen !

  • What's new on this BIOS?

  • Thanks for sharing.   That is good information for the update process and what to expect.

  • mine goes slightly different and that's been the same with the previous bios updates too.

    - install bios from windows, then reboots.

    - updating bios starts, then black screen happens.

    - wait 5 minutes and still black screen and system seems off, so then press power button once

    - it restarts and updates bios to 100%, then goes back to windows.

    - bios is updated successfuly.

    That has happened each time.

  • Hi William,

    for me it behaved in a similiar way, how long the screen stood black also depended from update to update.

    Ben wrote they have been working on minimizing the "black screen time", and it should have become shorter, but it still will be necessary and they can't get rid of it fully.

    I have the feeling also the Performance Settings make a difference in how long an update takes, so each time I'm only performing updates with high battery and high performance mode since. It might be just a feeling, but I had a feeling it would perform faster through it.


    This update has been available online since several weeks by now, and is the same update as the latest Beta, just as an official version. I just kept the 32 beta and everything runs fine for me too Wink.

    It was also automatically proposed for install through the automatic driver updates. If you already had the beta installed it wouldn't be proposed.

    Maybe you already performed it in it's automatically proposed instance before? Or also like I already installed the beta of it?

    -> That would explain, why you didn't see any difference in the BIOS

  • Awesome, thanks for the update!

  • Mine went just like this much smoother. I still see why people want to press the power button it is a little unsettling and just a black screen haha. But just leave it and they should finish. I remember some earlier ones took 30+ mins.