Lenovo Transparency

Let me start by first saying that I like the transparency that Lenovo has been giving regarding updates for the LGO. I really hope that this continues. I have some doubts though with the way Ben M has been pulled of the community updates. I realize he has other duties and he's not the community manager of the site but he was very straight forward about everything and I admire people like that. If Ben's duties no longer require hI'm to post updates then I believe it's very important that Lenovo try to find somebody to continue this level of transparency. Consumers who by certain products are always appreciative by the way that company handles transparency about updates for their products and always keep them well informed. Ben was really meticulous about a getting updates to the community when he could and although we may see less of his presence in the community we hope he pops in to say hi and let us know he's still there. Ben, I can't speak for the rest of the community so I'll speak for myself and let you know that I appreciate everything you've done so far and I understand how busy and crazy how things can get at times but I hope you make time to tak a break and step away every once in a while to step back and take some time for yourself and realize some things are not worth getting crazy about. I wish the best of luck in everything that you do and health wealth and happiness to you and your family. Take care of yourself and keep in touch with the community. You're the best! 

  •   I second your sentiments, your statements are very well said!

    I first encountered  on Reddit in of course the Legion Go sub. It has been nice to see the level of engagement with the community. Years ago AyaNeo's CEO demonstrated what can be construed as a master class of engagement and service to gamers. Alas, while I still have my Aya Neo 2021 Pro plugged into my TV, I haven't used it since purchasing my Steam Deck, and I haven't used my Steam Deck much since purchasing my Legion Go last October.

    In my opinion Ben Myers saved a multitude of returns for Lenovo. I'm not at all ashamed to admit, I nearly returned my Legion Go before Thanksgiving. It was the tentative roadmap Ben shared with the community that gave me the faith in Lenovo to stick with it. And to this date, although there are still issues... Linux solved most of them for me, but I digress...

    Let's all hope the transparency continues well into the launch of an eventual or inevitable Legion Go 2. 


    It has already been confirmed by now there will be a successor to the Legion Go by a Lenovo superior in an interview. Without any timings.

    -> I just hope it will take another year or two, as by now there is only the 8000 series APUs and those are still based on RDNA 3, and still on the 780m as a graphic component and just having AI components tonit compared to the Z1 Extreme. I can imagine here and there some additional instructions/effects, but a similiar performance and for shore nothing groundbreaking to justify a new model yet...

    As soon as it's successor will be coming out it could get "dangerous", and as those AMD APUs seeming to be successfull, as they are being built in into so many devices currently, I can imagine a real successor for the APU won't take long anymore and then it will be getting "dangerous"...

    -> I'm sincerely not ready to upgrade and would love to keep my GO for another few years, knowing this will be difficult, seeing that for some games we are already at their RAM memory, or performance limits... (Alan Wake, Star Citizen, Dragons Dogma II)

  •   While I like Lenovo, I have a couple of aging Lenovo laptops not including my work laptop and of course my Legion Go, I probably won't be purchasing a Legion Go 2 if it launches this year until all of the issues are fixed with the current device.

    There are a plethora of devices launching this year and hopefully our friends at Lenovo understand there are many olive branches that must be given simply considering what all of the competitors will be launching in the future. Interesting times my friend and all the better for us to uhhhhhh as they say, vote with our wallets!

  •   Hahaha, totally! I like the "vote with our wallets" proverb (is this the right word for this? Or should I call it "speech"?

    There is so much true in it! At the end with your purchase you really decide who in competition to support.

    I will keep a generally open eye for competitors too, but in this price regions the Legion Go still is my favourite device definetly. The bigger screen for me being it's biggest advantage.

  • Yes it would be great if these handheld devices had a longer lifecycle great than a year before releasing a new unit. It would be better for my wallet. Look at console. It's usually like 5 + years before the next gen consoles are released. Do these These companies think I'm made of money, LOL!

  • I believe they do my friend... I believe they do...