Occasionally turning off

My legion go occasionally turning off or giving me black screen when I am playing demanding games. Does anyone else have the same issue and any suggestions please, thank you

  • Take the back panel off. It’s probably riddled with dust and needs to be cleaned

  • I second the potential dust. You'd be surprised how quickly it builds up sometimes.

  • Yeah, it might be thermal throttling/protection kicking in.

  • I was about to say heat is the issue like others have said. If it can’t dissipate heat, the system will likely slow down and shut down to prevent damage. 

  • I used a can of air and blew all the dust out and mine stopped turning off. Is yours getting hot too?

  • Sounds like a hardware problem, a reboot would probably help.

  • Just got it before 4 days

  • its getting hot but it supposed to throttle not just go off right?

  • Still same issue

  • Contact support. I can play for hours at max TDP and the hottest I seen it get is about 73c