Legion Go Outdoors

Is the Legion Go a good device for playing outdoors on a patio? Would I need an outdoor extension cord for keeping it plugged in for playing more than a few minutes? And if the screen is bright enough to be seen outside, are there any screen protectors I should avoid?

  • I have not used a Legion Go, but would love to.  I would hope it is portable or has a battery in it to play without being plugged in.  I don't know really, but your question is interesting.

  • Good question. Think it an interesting idea to play it on your patio with an outdoor extension cord!

  • It has a decent sized battery so you should be able to sit outside and play for a while until the battery needs to be recharged.

  • This is basically what I got from reviews I've seen. It's more a question of what your are playing and on what settings. 

    If you are trying to play Cyberpunk at high settings you're going to want a cord no matter where you are playing. But if you want to play Skyrim or something like it you should be good for a long while.

  • I think it's called the Legion Go for a reason, so it's totally recommended to be mobile. The battery is decent but still dependent on how much playing you'll be doing. If you're lucky enough to have a patio and enjoy the outdoors in this heat, then good for you. I live in Texas so I avoid the patio in the summer lol....

  • I would try to avoid a lot of direct sun. Batteries just don't do well heated up like that regardless of the device. But if you're shaded under a tree or umbrella or awning, it should be fine.

  • Hopefully the screen has enough nits.

  • The Legion Go can be played outside for a couple of hours. For intensive games, you're looking at about 2 hours, but for less intensive games you can get closer to 5.

    Lenovo has an official screen protector for the Go https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/p/accessories-and-software/privacy-and-protection/privacy-and-protection_films/gxj1n65746 


    As far as I know it only has 500 nits, which apparently even is good in comparison to other handhelds. So comparing it to modern phones, which are made to be used outside (mostly 1000 or more nits) way darker. I would say just by its values it should be too dark for playing in the sun directly, but should be fine under a roof/umbrella of any kind.

    I have a shiny display protector glass on top of it, so therefore it would be almost unpossible to play directly under the sun, even if it would be bright enough...

    As others said before for AAA games you definetly need it to be plugged in, and for older games/indy games/emulation not at all vosts.

    -> I would recommend a power bank with more then 20000 mAh, and at least 65 Watts, to be shore to always have enough juice on the go WinkThumbsup.

  • It should be good for that, it is what it is designed for.