Legion Go Outdoors

Is the Legion Go a good device for playing outdoors on a patio? Would I need an outdoor extension cord for keeping it plugged in for playing more than a few minutes? And if the screen is bright enough to be seen outside, are there any screen protectors I should avoid?

  • That is a good question.   How bad does direct sunlight make the sight of the screen?   I know this is tough for all of the big tech giants, not a knock on the Go at all.   

  • Great, that's exactly what I was wondering! I sometimes have issues seeing my Pixel outside, so if the Go has a lower max brightness then that could be an issue. Thanks!

  • For a few minutes should be fine. Any longer you might need a power bank or an outdoor extension cable to game outside. 

    The screen is probably not ideal to view in direct sunlight, maybe in shade for best viewing results.

  • I would use it indoors. Less battery is used on dimmer screens. Plus, with summer coming, it'll run very hot outdoors! You'll just have a better experience indoors with it. While outdoors, enjoy nature! 

  • I don't have one yet but you should be able to get at least a couple of hours without it plugged in. That is why portable devices like this are popular. It's nice to be able to game without worries of finding an accessible outlet while on the go. The visibility I would imagine depends on the quality of the screen and how reflective it is with sunlight so as not to get glare. Legion Go is as bright as if not brighter than other handhelds. Its specs are pretty good including the screen even though it is not OLED it offers higher resolution than the Deck. I do generally like OLED but not for outdoor use LCD and LED tend to do much better in sunlight. If you will be gaming in the shade it won't be as big of a deal.

  • Great info. A power bank is a must if you are planning on playing for several hours outdoors. I didn't know that AAA games don't run well when unless plugged in. That is a little disappointing but it makes sense with how taxing on hardware big games are.

  • Yeah, I would think direct sunlight would ruin the view. Don't have a Go yet to test it, but even my phone sucks in the sunlight. Maybe the Go 2 will have a Matte Display screen to counteract glare and such

  • At 500 nits, I've heard that the screen is bright enough for some outside play. I think it's just not greatbin direct sunlight obviously. They have apparently done a great job allowing close to 2 hours or so of fairly intense gameplay from every review I have seen. 

  • It is as good as it’s battery life and portability.