Legion Go Open box from Bestbuy Experiences

Anyone have experience buying Legion Go open box from Bestbuy? Would you able to test it before you purchase it? Did the controller have any joy-con drift over time?

  • Would love to hear from people who got an open box, didn't know they had this option!

  • There is hopefully a return policy even on open box items.

  • I got one in December and still play it everyday, Previous person took good care of it and even had a screen protector. The person I talked to at BestBuy took the return himself and was the one who re packaged it. Told me it was basically like new and wasn't lying. I bet if you talk real nice they will open it for you but I doubt they will let you test it. You would have to go through Windows 11 startup at the store and then download a game haha don't think they want people hanging out at the store like that. But  hey Id still ask. No stick drift for me. Far as return its the same as anything else there, once again just ask a buncha questions. I mean your about to spend a good amount and you should be happy with the purchase. Hope this helps!

  • What I would be more concerned with is will Lenovo honor a warranty on a resold device? This is why I always buy new so I don’t need to worry about the what if’s

  • No.   I didn't know Best Buy still existed.  They are all closed where I live.   However,   I have always been hesitant when purchasing open-box items because they returned it for some reason.   It probably has a defect and most stores try and resale a problem.

  • I bought mine in "Excellent" condition for about 150 off in December. It didn't have a mark and have been using it since then without issue. Best Buy should have the same return policy as other items. You should also be able to update the manufacturer's warranty to the date you purchased it. Mine already had a month of warranty gone but I reached out to Lenovo, sent my purchase receipt and they updated the purchase date to when I bought it.

  • I haven't bought a Legion Go open box from best buy, but I have bought other electronics open box. I was able to get warranty and on a few that had issues, return it without a problem!

    For the testing part, I didn't test any of them, but that would have been a great idea!

  • Thanks for this question and a big thank you for everyone sharing their experience! I haven't gotten anything from Bestbuy's open box, but it seems like a good option based on what I have read here!

  • I bought a laptop that was a open box and had no problems with it.