Has anyone tried installing SteamOS onto the Legion Go?

How is your experience using SteamOs on the Legion Go?  How well was using Legion Go track pad on steamOs?

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  • Would love to hear from someone that has done this!

  • Thanks for the great question and helpful replies!

  • Sounds like a worthy project!

  • Hello from Switzerland

    I never write and am "only" a silent reader....but....

    I installed "bazzite" on my Legion Go...it's a very good improvement to SteamOS, based on Fedora...


    Decky Loader is there
    HHD daemon
    TPD settings
    ...and much more.....

    Personally, I think "bazzite" is very successful, also in conjunction with Steam & Co....

    Greetings, Camelot631

  • I could see that giving some great benefits from the bloatware point of view, but it would limit the games you can play to just steam? Can you play XBox PC Game Pass games on Steam OS?

  • That would be an interesting test. Since SteamOS is lighter, Legion Go should be able to handle more demanding games. If someone tries this, I would be interested to see how it works.

  • I had never heard of bazzite. Will save your comment to check later. Thanks for sharing!