Has anyone tried installing SteamOS onto the Legion Go?

How is your experience using SteamOs on the Legion Go?  How well was using Legion Go track pad on steamOs?

  • I have not tried this but would like to know how it went for anyone that has tried it.

  • I imagine it's as good or better than anything since decks are what that os was made for. Whether you use steam os or another distro, you can calibrate that in the settings. If that isn't doing the trick, there are programs in the download center for most distros that can remedy it too.

  • Hi...I think it's good.

    "bazzite" was new territory for me too, I discovered it by chance while browsing around. And since I've always liked experimenting in IT, I thought I'd give it a try.

    What fascinates me about "bazzite" is the variety of possibilities... many handheld devices are supported, I have also installed it on my Steam Deck, various computers are also supported... I'm still testing the computer... ... :)

    It runs very stable and well on the Legion go.... Steam Deck too...

  • SteamOS isn’t available to the public. You will have to find an alternative version that is made to mimic it

  • That’s for steam machines which were discontinued years ago. I am referring to the steamOS that is on the steam deck which is not available to download.

  • ....,tsss....I installed it on a PC...works. Also on Rog Ally & Legion Go

    PC requirements:

    SteamOS (steampowered.com)

  • THink the default OS is fine, the Steam one would bring a tighter focus, making it a true gaming handheld not a PC