ROG Ally X announcement, will there be legion go X too?

  • It feels like only 1 person is working on the Lenovo legion go so don’t expect anything anytime soon.

  • I guess you are right cause until now we still don't get vga driver updateRelieved

  • Eh, the Ally X updates are pretty underwhelming - a bigger battery, a new colour some ergonomics and... as far as I understand, trying to fix an SD card reader overheating issue?

    The Legion Go team is undoubtedly smaller, and they seem better off working on improving the existing Go experience and waiting until there is important new hardware to launch a proper Go2.


    Th successor of the Legion Go, however it will be called has already been kinda confirmed in an interview of a Lenovo superior, but we don't know anything about it yet...

    Will it be a proper successor, or just an updated version like with the ALLY X? Will it therefore still use the Ryzen Z1 Extreme? Or a newer chipset? Is it already in development? 

    -> Maybe that is what Ben Meyers is doing now? Who knows?

    -> It will be interesting to see what will happen in the future in any way WinkThumbsup It will definetly not get boring in the handheld space.

  • EvryGama

    I hope they dont abandon us in order to pursue Legion Go Successor, LeGo is a great device but its a pity lack of support.


    Yes... I don't thonk they will abandon us, but I can imagine that if not now, then at least soon, there will be a shift in focus... Maybe it already happened... Who knows...

  • And the same bleak screen... No, Legion Go doesn't have many hardware issues that need to be updated - mostly software issues...

  • will the Legion Go X be released or not?
    hmm.. with my current experience, I think this will be my last Lenovo device. so i don't give a d*mn Legion will release it or not.
    I prefer wait for ROG to make a device that suitable for me.
    not because this device is bad, but I'm tired of waiting for the fixes and driver updates provided by the Legion team.
    doing just one bug fix has to wait for months.
    it seems like there is only one person working there and doing everything at once.

  • Part time job at least