Legion Go constantly scrolling down.

Literally just purchased my Legion Go a few hours ago after weeks of watching videos and deciding if this was right for me. 
I chose that it was. 
Just after setting up I got in Legion Space, did all the necessary updates and now I’m stuck because it will not stop scrolling down. 
I’ve recalibrated and even rest both controllers and there is no change. 

Did I really get so unlucky to get a defective product? 
Help, please. 


  • I would first try removing the controller when the device is shut down and see if it does it when the controllers aren't connected. Then if everything is working fine on Windows, go into Legion Space and turn your joystick dead zones on the left joystick to like 10%, then turn them on and see if the same thing happens. If you don't see the issues you can then try lowering the amount until you see it. Both of mine are set at 4% I had a few games be extra sensitive and pick up movement at 3% when centered. If this doesn't fix it you can try a full controller reset. Let me know how it goes.

    There are two methods to calibrate the joystick based on the different firmware of the Legion Go Controller.

    • Controller firmware version is 0231226B or above.

      1. Press and hold the left or right trigger along with the corresponding joystick for 7 seconds (LT + LS or RT + RS; avoid pressing other buttons accidentally). The LED indicator will flash a blue marquee in a counterclockwise direction, indicating entry into calibration mode.

      2. After rotating the joystick to its maximum extent for 2 to 3 turns to recenter itself, press the trigger twice and wait for joystick and trigger calibration to complete within 3 seconds.

      3. Proceed to gyroscope calibration. The LED indicator will flash rapidly in red while the controller is in action, and in green when the controller is inactive for 3 seconds, signaling the completion of calibration.

      4. The motor will shake twice briefly, and the controller will exit calibration mode automatically.

    • Controller firmware version is below 0231226B.

      1. Press and hold L2 + L3 (left joystick) or R2 + R3 (right joystick) for 3 seconds to enter calibration mode, indicated by the flashing of blue and purple LED lights.

      2. Rotate the joystick three times, return it to the center, and wait for 2 seconds to complete the calibration.

    • Also you can use the reset button. To reset the controller, you can depress the reset hole above the slide rail of the controller by using a SIM card ejection pin.

  • I’ve done all the methods you listed here. 

    Finally got it to working normally after pressing and holding LS + LT, rotating the stick, and then double tapping LT. 

    Thank you so much, for the pointer. 
    Hopefully this is the only hiccup for now.

  • Wishing you lots of luck as you move forward with the product. Hopefully just a one-time deal. Always sucks getting something glitchy right out of the box.

  • Great glad this helped you. A lot of these small issues can easily be resolved if you know where to check. Hopefully, this helps the OP.

  • If you just purchased it just contact support and exchange it.

  • I would definitely contact support about that.

  • I would try and get it exchanged as soon as possible.

  • Really bummed to hear your story! But thankful for the helpful replies here!