Legion Go May 2024 Beta VGA Driver

Hi All,

The VGA driver update has been delayed a bit due to a bug found that needs to be fixed before official release.  I'm putting the driver out as a Beta for those who can't wait another 1-2 weeks for the official release.

Some notes about this driver:

  • The Lenovo FPS counter will not work without an update from Legion Space that should likely coincide with the official VGA driver release.  If the Lenovo FPS counter is a must for you, don't install this driver.
  • AFMF (AMD Fluid Motion Frames) is present in the control panel on Adrenalin but only works (properly) on external monitors.
  • The only known bug with this driver is a panel freeze when clicking on a support link from within Adrenalin, and may or may not be present in the final release.
  • Strongly recommend just waiting until the final/official release of this driver if you can as installation of the beta driver is a bit finnicky.
  • You may need to use DDU to uninstall this if you want to install the official release when available.

Beta Driver Advisory:

  • Beta Status: This driver is in beta, meaning it's still undergoing rigorous testing. It's not a final product and may have bugs or issues that could impact your device's performance.
  • Voluntary Use: Your decision to participate in this beta is entirely voluntary. Downloading and installing this driver is at your discretion, understanding the inherent risks of using a product in beta.
  • Warranty Assurance: While we offer this beta driver "as-is" and cannot guarantee its functionality or a bug-free experience, please be assured that using it will not void your device's warranty under Lenovo's terms. However, we cannot extend any warranties, expressed or implied, specific to this beta driver.
  • Feedback & Support: We value your input! Share your experiences in the designated forum. While we may not be able to respond to each comment individually, our team will monitor the feedback for insights and improvements. Note: Official support for this driver is not available, but our service team is ready to assist with general queries.
  • Potential Updates: This beta driver is a work in progress. We may issue updates, fixes, or even release a final version in the future. Installing this driver does not automatically enroll you in future updates.
  • Opting Out: If you encounter issues or prefer not to use this beta driver, you can easily revert to the stable, official version available on our website. Instructions for reverting are provided below*

    By downloading and installing this test driver, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms.


    Installation Instructions:

    1. Download the Beta Driver:  AMD_2D00_GFX_5F00_23.40.28.01_2D00_0426zip.zip

    2. Unzip the file


    3.  Right Click/Run As Administrator on the batch file of the same name


    4. Let the cmd console run its course, may be some pauses/lag hangups while installing

    5. Uninstall AMD Adrenalin/Radeon Software:


    6. Navigate to Bin64 folder and right click on "AMDSoftwareInstaller.exe" and run as administrator


    7. Once installation has completed, restart your system

    8. Re-install Adrenalin from this link:  https://apps.microsoft.com/detail/9NZ1BJQN6BHL

    9. Reboot again

    10. To check for success, open Adrenalin, click on the gear icon on the top right, Under System on the right, click the dropdown for Software / Driver details, Driver Version should say


    *To revert to an earlier Graphics Driver:

    1. Open device manager (Windows Key + X > M, or search "device manager" in windows search)
    2. Open "display adapters" dropdown
    3. Right click on AMD Radeon Graphics
    4. Click "uninstall device"
    5. Select "Attempt to remove the driver for this device"
    6. Click "uninstall"
    7. Screen will black out and flip to portrait layout
    8. Download and install the latest officially released VGA driver from our support site: laptops and netbooks :: legion series :: legion go 8apu1contentdetail - Lenovo Support US
    9. If the above does not work to revert, try using DDU and then reinstalling the latest official driver:
      1. Download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) from: https://www.wagnardsoft.com/
      2. Download latest GPU / VGA driver from: GPU / VGA drivers.
      3. Extract DDU on your desktop.
      4. Make sure you know the location of DDU and drivers you downloaded! Place the driver(s) either in same folder with DDU or together on your desktop.
      5. Disable your internet connection! (both WiFi and Ethernet if used) This is to prevent Windows Updates from ruining your clean install.
      6. Open DDU, in the options windows check the second to last option, Enable Safe Mode dialog. Close the options window then close DDU.
      7. Open DDU again, from Launch option select Safe Mode and click on bottom left button Reboot to Safe Mode.
      8. In Safe mode, on the right side of DDU, on ---Select device type--- select GPU and for ---Select device--- below it choose whichever one you are trying to uninstall (AMD).
      9. On the left side choose Clean and restart.
      10. After the restart, install GPU / VGA driver.
      11. Reboot and enable your Internet connection.



    • Thanks, Ben!

      Does the AFMF also only works on external monitors on the coming final version of the VGA drivers?

    • Thanks Ben M! I know some folks here will greatly appreciate this!

    • Phenomenal! For me, the experience with Legion Go truly is much better thanks to you (and the whole team but especially you:D).

      Hope you are doing great both at work and outside,

      Thank you:)

    • Thanks for the update Ben! Appreciate you taking the time to post an update since you were pulled away to work on other tasks. Great to hear from you again and hope all is well!

    • Thank you for all the updates Ben! I still hope to see proper AFMF support on the go display one day

    • Finally, new drivers! Thank you! I've noticed improvement in several games having had the day to try them out. Looking forward to the official release.

    • Yet again an outdated driver, the latest AMD release is allready at Adrenalin 24.4.1. You're basically releasing whats the March release as beta with almost exactly the same issues the stock driver comes with. 
      Don't get me wrong there, but thats a shame for every paying customer. I'll stick with whatever AMD has to offer and keep on sideloading it. 

    • amd adrenaline from MS store dont work for me- after instal it from store and official gpu drivers from lenovo i cant play any game because of lags and drop fps on any game to 20 fps. Why cant install amd software from appx folder on this beta drivers?. why amd fmf dont wokr on legion go screen? it is so bad!

    • its ***, FMF dosent work on legion screen .. old beta drivers . it is Joke ..never again lenovo 

    • Lenovo is joking with consumers. the idea of ​​buying this console is to play on the console screen, AMD FMF that only works on an external monitor is a joke on gamers!