What is your experience with looter shooters on the Legion GO, such as Escape from Tarkov and Arena Breakout? Curious about your controller and graphics settings...

I recently reinstalled Escape from Tarkov after a long hiatus from it on the PC. I travel too much to play at home for any meaningful length of time, and the Legion GO has become a godsend for gaming on the go. Tarkov finally created a persistent PvE mode that will not get wiped every season, however no one really has access to it yet, including myself. In an effort to get ready to play that mode, I tried a couple of raids in the offline mode to test graphic settings and framerates. So far it seems to run better if you drop the resolution down. I am curious if anyone else has tried this on the Legion Go. In particular, what graphics settings and controller setup you used. The detached FPS mode works well with some additional setup for the necessary key associations. I would like to play this in handheld mode, but I'm unsure what I need to do to change the controller to act like mouse and keyboard when attached.

My next install will be for Arena Breakout - as soon as I receive a beta key. Has anyone else installed this and how well does it run on the Legion GO?

Last question... Is there a way to share controller setups for games, similar to the Steam Deck?

Thank you all and I look forward to hearing what your experience has been with these types of games!

  • I just watched a video from Splattercat gaming on YouTube about Tarkov. He uses a single player mod that runs even better than the normal online mode. It mighty be worth looking into. I intend on trying it when I hanger the time. 

  • The devs have been slowly releasing access to the new official PvE mode on Tarkov. I’m hoping I get access this week and I’ll give an update on the experience.

    I have not had time to watch Twitch for an hour to get a key for Arena Breakout. I’ll try again when I get back home from travel. 

  • I have never played them and don't feel motivated to do so