Keyboard Shortcuts to enable/disable touchpad and touchscreen

Do they exist? I've tried all the various FN+F keys.

Now that we have the ability to remap the back buttons on the controllers, I am trying to map buttons on the controller to turn off the touchpad and the touchscreen. My fingers keep touching the touchscreen and my palm keeps touching the touchpad and throw off some of my gaming. I don't want to have to go into the legion quick settings and turn them on and off all the time.

  • So. I figured this out.

    Install autohotkey

    Save the following script into shell:startup with an ahk extension, I used toggletouchpad.ahk. If this combo is already used, you can change the <^<+T to any other keyboard combination. See: Hotkeys - Definition & Usage | AutoHotkey v2



        toggletouchpad := RegRead("HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\PrecisionTouchPad\Status", "Enabled")

        if (toggletouchpad = "0") {

            toggletouchpad := "1"




            toggletouchpad := "0"


        run("systemsettingsadminflows.exe EnableTouchPad " toggletouchpad, , "Hide")

        ;MsgBox("systemsettingsadminflows.exe EnableTouchPad " toggletouchpad)


    This assigns the left ctrl + left shift + T hotkey to the script. Go into legion space and assign a controller button to "left ctrl + left shift + T".


    Hit the controller button to test. Works great for me.

  • seems that this will be possible with the new space coming out