Issues: Controller and random shut downs

So far, I have only used my Legion for Fortnite. All of my problems have been experienced while playing that game. I’ve owned the device since April 5th. As of writing this, it is May 18th. All of my drivers are up to date. 

I’ve been having issues with my joysticks, mainly the right one. From time to time they will just stop working mid game. All other buttons typically still work just fine. Yesterday, this happened twice with the right joystick, the first time it happened I had to completely restart. The second time I was able to get function back by minimizing and maximizing the window. Seems like a software issue based on that but I don’t see anyone else experiencing this? It’s extremely frustrating, on top of struggling with the horrible M1 button placement. 

I have also experienced the blue screen of death :(, 3-4 times, mid game. The device says “experienced a problem” with the sad face and restarts. 

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them before this thing is broken in half and tossed in the river.


  • Sound like you may have to send it back for a replacement!

  •   That is definetly unusual and not normal sounds unluckily like you got one with issues and you'll have to send it to Lenovo for replacement for real...

  • You should send it back as soon as possible to get this fixed.

  • Sounds like you need to return it. I wouldn't wait around and struggle with it. It's a pain in the butt having to wait for a new one, but you'll be glad you did when you get one back.

  • No issues for me. You should return or get warranty fix!

  • I would completely reinstall windows fresh and all of the software before trying to return it

  • Maybe there are thermal issues related to the shut down issues?

  •  Here are a few actual suggestions since it seems we can't get any options that help our fellow Go users resolve the issues they are having on this forum. That is other than 40 people suggesting the nuclear option immediately (RMA). I also suggest running the bluescreen fixes I have listed first as it may also be the cause of the non-responsive joysticks.

    For the controller. There are a few things you can do to reset it and hopefully resolve the issue. If these don't work you can try uninstalling Legion Space and reinstalling it from the Lenovo support page. It can be found here.

    There are two methods to calibrate the joystick based on the different firmware of the Legion Go Controller.

    • Controller firmware version is 0231226B or above.

      1. Press and hold the left or right trigger along with the corresponding joystick for 7 seconds (LT + LS or RT + RS; avoid pressing other buttons accidentally). The LED indicator will flash a blue marquee in a counterclockwise direction, indicating entry into calibration mode.

      2. After rotating the joystick to its maximum extent for 2 to 3 turns to recenter itself, press the trigger twice and wait for the joystick and trigger calibration to complete within 3 seconds.

      3. Proceed to gyroscope calibration. The LED indicator will flash rapidly in red while the controller is in action, and in green when the controller is inactive for 3 seconds, signaling the completion of calibration.

      4. The motor will shake twice briefly, and the controller will exit calibration mode automatically.

    • Controller firmware version is below 0231226B.

      1. Press and hold L2 + L3 (left joystick) or R2 + R3 (right joystick) for 3 seconds to enter calibration mode, indicated by the flashing of blue and purple LED lights.

      2. Rotate the joystick three times, return it to the center, and wait for 2 seconds to complete the calibration.

    • Also you can use the reset button. To reset the controller, you can depress the reset hole above the slide rail of the controller by using a SIM card ejection pin.

    For the blue screens, this was most likely caused by a Windows update. Run the following commands. Run command prompt as administrator. The first is "sfc /scannow" and the second is to run "DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth".

    As a last resort, you can try what  suggested and a full Windows reinstall. The Windows 11 image to do this is also listed on the Lenovo support site.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • I wonder if it really is a software issue, since everything else makes it seem like a hardware issue. It's possible that min-maxing the window somehow triggered an attempt to reconnect to a faulty device or something where there is a spotty wire. But it seems more like a hardware problem. Should be under warranty, so instead of fretting about trying to fix it, just send it back.