Legion Go 2, early 3rd quarter 2024?

 I’ve seen a few small time “influencers” claiming the Go 2  release is imminent.  So the question is, is this reliable info?  Or, just small-time creators, creating clickbait, for those oh so valuable views??? 

  • If lenovo knew what was good for them they would concentrate on fixing the issues they have with the go before trying to release something else full of empty promises 

  • That's why their update for our LeGo are getting slower & in some point they will fully abandon us the "early adopter" for their first PC handheld product. 

  • Someone asked this on one of the Legion streams and they were assured this was not the case in any way. Take that for what it's worth to you. 

  • That the legion have abandoned it and has at most one graphics update left is evident, but I'm not surprised, I've been saying it since January and here everyone praising Lenovo, (thanks oh Ben, thanks oh Lenovo) a shame. But if Lenovo dares to leave the Go1 like this and makes a 2, I hope no one buys it, I don't, of course.

    It is better to be silent than to speak with fools

  • Offline in reply to none n.

    It's incredible how they can abandon a new product. If this happens now imagine in 1 year

  • That would make ZERO sense; a lot needs to be fine-tuned on the current generation.

  • yeah Legion Go 2 will be released tomorrow with 2x larger screen, half the weight, desktop class 7800X3D CPU, 256G RAM, 12TB SSD, desktop class 4090 GPU, all-year stand-by and whole-month gaming battery life. It will also be $2000 cheaper than the current Legion Go. Yes, if you buy the Legion Go 2, Lenovo will pay you around $1500 per unit. Happy?