What's the best game for Legion Go?

I'm thinking of which game is most fun to play using Legion Go. If you have any recommendation let me know. Thank you!

  • It all depends. For me, I would say Broforce! 

  • Hope this gets a lot of replies so I can bookmark it.

  • Thanks for all the interesting replies - I too am interested in "best" games that maximize benefits of portable form factor

  • These are some of the best games i played on the small screen. There is other games i tried, but prefer them on a big screen.

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
    Shadow Warrior 3
    Skyforce Reloaded + Skyforce Anniversary
    Steamworld Dig 2


  • I would try Fortnite

  • I think Hades/Hades 2 would work well on the Legion Go, the first one was great and I can't wait to try out the sequel!

  • I've heard Hades and other Rouge-likes perform really well on it.