Fallout 4 Settings Suggestions

Good day everyone. I recently bought a LeGo for my first gaming pc ever and also bought the Fallout 4 GOTY edition. I am a longtime fan of Bethesda and especially the Fallout series in general. Anyways besides the point, I wanted to ask as Legion Go users what settings do you have set to get it as close to 60 fps as possible? Or better even? 

  • To start just an FYI about the game. It has had these issues since release across all PC types where the framerate gets capped by the game for no reason. Mine was capped at 20 at a screen refresh of 60. Once I changed the refresh to 144hz now I got capped at 48. I left it since 48 is a decent number. It seems random if it works or not my desktop after tweaking reached 60. I wish they would have resolved it during the latest updates.

    When I played it I had the screen set to 1200p with performance power mode. I have a base medium setting overall, then bumped up the View Distances to max in advanced settings so I could see farther. During gameplay, I stay at the capped 48 FPS. You can also play high-base settings with a few dips here and there.

    This article goes in-depth on some fixes. I haven't seen some of these before may try them myself when I play again.

  • play at 800P and you should be able to hit 100+ fps

    also open AMD adrenaline and look for GPU and inter scaling and enable it. Set it to full panel, and play all games with borderless full screen and it will rebuild the image so it looks sharp.

  • Right atm I'm capped at about 19fps but to me it sends to be running very quick. Haven't tried it yet today but theta what I got last night. 

  • When you say 800p you mean 1280x800 correct and then am I able to run highest settings at that point?

  • I play Fallout 4 on 800p with medium settings, some light "grass" and "green" mods and run it capped at 60fps.