For those of you with both steam deck and Legion Go...

What is your SERIOUS comparison?? Pros and cons of both??

  • I can tell you why I sold the Steam Deck over the LGO.

    The screen size is a massive difference, especially if you wear glasses. I'm telling you, it's huge.

    The extra performance makes a difference, especially if you add third-party frame generation and scaler software like Lossless Scaling. You can tweak the AMD drivers to your liking.

    Windows is a better choice unless you're familiar with Linux or have the time to learn it. It was a hassle to get even simple games to work correctly on Linux. I had to load Proton tricks, sideload files, and do a whole bunch of tinkering to get several games that aren't reported as compatible on Steam to work. I'm talking about simple stuff like GZDoom, but also native Steam games that aren't certified (or whatever they call it).

  • Commenting to follow this thread. I am torn on which to go with. I have read and watched tons of reviews on Go V Steamdeck V Ally and there feel like lots of good points to them all. Currently leaning into the Go camp though. 

  • I initially loved the Go. I used it a lot and hardly used the Steam Deck. But eventually got tired of having to play with the settings to get it run good. The battery life is terrible and it is heavy compared to the Steam Deck. I decided to try my Steam Deck OLED Limited a try again and now I much prefer it over the Go. It functions just as well if not better and the graphics are almost as good on the OLED. Games just work on Steam Deck. I have run into issues with games not working on Go or crash mid game. PS5 remote play works great on Steam Deck but is very glitchy.