Faulty software updates Lenovo

Is this machine doomed to fail given that Lenovo can't keep up with the graphics driver updates? If we have to wait six months after each game release for it to function properly, it is likely to displease many people. I fear that the software support for this machine may not be adequately provided by Lenovo.

What do you think ?

PS : i love this machine

  • Not seen this issue, but I also don't but new games. 

  • Just install the 780m drivers directly from AMD, then your always up to date. I’ve been running them for a couple of months now.

  • yes. agreed. I can't play the new hellblade 2 game due to the graphics driver being outdated I guess? someone else removed lenovos driver and downloaded amds directly and got it working fine! that involves removing lenovos with a tool, downloading new, doing something with bios and booting into safe.... what a JOKE.

    with a 6 month old device ID expect to be able to play new games as they launch. I mean this is the reason we bought a gaming device, to play games! new ones! whats the good of it if we can only play old games. we shouldn't have to remove drivers and do all this.

  • Not to mention the Z1 driver that Lenovo has to support does not work with external AMD GPUs so you need the standard drivers from AMD to use one, then you mess up using the Legion Go on its own.
    I dont really understand why AMD doesn't have full support for the Z1 within the standard driver package.

    Maybe the Z1 is a product for resellers to customize?

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    They care about your wallet. Don't buy games on premier. Every half year maybe we'll get graphic updates, and usually discount on this game's what you can't play todayWinkWink

  • The Z1 is not directly supported by AMD it's on vendors like Asus and Lenovo. They will always be a version or 2 behind. When AMD gets to the state where they release their fully complete drivers, around that time I also assume is when Lenovo or Asus can get access to them to start making the changes they need for the device. I don't think you will ever see them come out when AMD releases them because of the way things work. Also, the vendors will need to do testing to make sure their changes don't mess everything up.

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    True. But so many months without realising anything? Why?

  • I've no issues with updating to latest AMD drivers, yes it's a faf, yes we shouldn't have to do it, but we're the pioneers that took the leap to enable the 2nd generation and the 3rd of the Legion Go to be even better. I've played on PC for 30 years, this is what we do Slight smile

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    To sell this device to many people, to get next models, you can't only target minority pc geeks. How Asus, not mentioning Valve, try make for they customers better experience with they products, and Lenovo don't?