The Go Is Starting To Fall Behind

I recently just received a MSI Claw and since getting it I have I have already received 3 bios and 3 Intel drivers updates. There's still the slightest tiny bit of stutter compared to when I first received but this handheld is slowly getting up to speed with the Ally and steam deck leaving the go behind. It kind of puts things in perspective a bit with how and when updates are released. 

  • The difference is the Claw has been a total mess since release and performing horribly. The Go started at a very usable level with decent performance. I agree we could use more updates, even if they are small QoL ones. I can't imagine Lenovo isn't seeing all the people upset with the lack of support.  I think the device performs well but personally, it doesn't sit well that they are so few and far between. As their intro device to handheld gaming, you would assume they would put full effort behind it. The difference is if MSI didn't start pumping out updates quickly the Claw would have failed at the way it performed they couldn't do like Lenovo and get away with it. I am also sure that MSI is getting a lot of help from Intel on these updates as well they don't want their first handheld to hit the market to fail either. AMd does not provide help with the Go or at least not much since it's not an OEM chipset.

  • LOL, LOL, LOL.

    I have to disagree... Sorry, not  trying to be rude, but I honestly had a laugh when I read the post.

    To say the GO is falling behind the Claw is a very, very long shot.

    I agree that the video driver delay is pitiful from Lenovo, I 100 percent give you that.

    But to say this is falling behind the Claw? That's a stretch.

    Just my opinion.

  • I'm just saying so far that I've seen more updates on the Claw regarding the MAI Center which is the equivalent to Space and the bios and Intel driver. I'm sure MSI & Intel are working together to get these updates out to improve their handheld but if they keep moving at the pace they are with these updates they're going to pass the Go. A lt of people see Intel and are like oh their mainly comfortable with producing cpu's and not gpu's but the arc chip is actually pretty decent for a new gpu. Yeah it still has its flaws but I think over time it could become something amazing. The fact about gpu's though is that Nvidia will always be #1.