You need to do better

There was some good initial steam, progress and promises but here we are still with 2023 GPU drivers.

Rhetorical question, you do realize/remember that this is a gaming handheld and arguably graphics drivers are one of the most important drivers to keep up to date? 

I know the 750M drivers can be Sideloaded but it's hacky and not a proper implementation. 

Speaking for myself and surely others as well, this device isnt exactly creating an itch for a second device, I feel like you're playing Google and treating your customer base as beta beta testers. 

Is it catastrophicly bad *cough* The Claw? No. Are you Asus level support bad? Absolutely not. But not being the worst isn't good enough. You need to kick things up a notch. 

If history has taught businesses anything, the complacent, stuck in the past, slow, or don't care businesses eventually get overthrown by a market upsetter. Lenovo has the foundation for an amazing handheld but if you don't keep it going this concept will fizzle away like 3D did or Valve will become the dominant marketplace holder.