Loose buttons on the left controller of the legion go

I want to comment that I have noticed that the legion space, start and select buttons, on the left control, seem to be loose. On the other hand, with the button on the right control, it feels very firm. I'm worried that at some point the buttons on the left controller will stop working or break.

Does anyone else notice this on the legion go?

I attach video of the buttons.

Sorry if I bother you, but I'm the type of person who gets anxious about these kinds of things. I think that if the right control button was also loose, I would be calmer hahahah

  • Mine isn’t like that. It’s firm like the rest of the buttons, so what I would do is show support the video and see what they think.

    but my man! Good lord, please clean your screen! It’s giving me PTSD


  • Mine are the same, to a lesser degree. All I see from your video is what seems to be the plastic cover on top of the actual button moving. If the underlying button was loose, it would not work at all. It is soldered into the PCB, and if that was the part moving, it would not work at all.