Legion go cpu boost issue with GPD g1

All of sources gives wrong solution with change USB 4 cable to certified one to prevent GPD g1 eGPU of disconnecting. Wrong! 
The problem is with legion go. Current fix for that is disable cpu boost.

  • My issue is not disconnecting but the legion go graphics runs most games better. This is using a oneXgpu which is basically the same device 

  • You can try disable cpu boost. I noticed smoother gameplay in many games.

  • It’s not so much smoother game play but the legion go can out perform the 7600xt in a lot of games when it shouldn’t.

    I’ve noticed the clock speed just kinda sits near idle and doesn’t do anything. Then in other game it works properly and I can reach over 200 fps.

  • Yes you right. Snowrunner got 20 FPS :D on GPD g1 on iGPU it runs much better.  The same The Crew motorfest. Something is not ok ;). However now I can play some games which works ok like Helldivers 2/Hellblade 2 without disconnecting issue. Many of users are reporting low performance in some games however nobody tels it on youtube making an review :D - well paied gangsters ...

  • What you say is technically impossible, you probably have OneXGPU connected all the time, so windows automatically chooses 7600XT

  • Nope. I barely use it because it sucks and the legion go graphics plays games better.

    most recent game I tested was dying light.

    90+ fps legion go graphics 16 watts

    60 fps or less with oneXgpu 35-40 watts

    and I don’t keep it plugged into the oneX all the time. I only plug it in when I want to use it.

    But then I can play another game like The Chant and get 144fps on legion go and over 300 fps on oneXgpu

    is the legion go the issue? The oneXgpu?

    Who knows!

  • To all of you experiencing issues with the GPD dock. If  a few of you could/be willing to open a case with us here at Lenovo Engineering we’d be happy to see if there is a firmware or other resolutions that we can offer you all.

    should one any of you open a case on this issue please DM me and I’ll help speardhead the issue towards a rapid resolution.

    thank you all for brining this to our attention 

  • How do I go about opening a case?

    Could you forward or show me wher i can open ticket for this issue? 

  • Where can i open a ticket