Stop the brain dead posts about a Legion Go 2 and demand what we have gets fixed + Rant

Title says it all. 

Why are so many of you hard focused on a successor when they can't even get the current one up to date? With that said, why would you want a second with how the first one is being treated (and probably will be abandoned)? 

Lenovo, one voice will not directly affect you but as you've seen, it can disrupt an industry if others join and stand their ground. You leave me hanging and abandon this handheld I spent good money on, I'll not only sell my personal Lenovo laptops, I'll take a loss and sell other family members laptops and buy them a new one from a different manufacturer.

I will talk so much smack of truths and fallacy about you to everyone I know that nobody will want to buy your products.

Call it petty but I'll go as far as pulling all contracts at work with Lenovo for my side of the business and whisper in the CISO's ear to ban them company wide.

Im tired of your empty promises, delays and silence on the Legion Go. 

  • Hello there!

    What exactly do you want fixed?  If you want a graphics driver update just sideload the latest AMD drivers.

    I actually like the Go in its current state, yes the design decision to have a portrait screen in hindsight was a bad decision but the reason I purchased the Go over the Ally was because of the screen and versatility of the kickstand and detachable controllers.

    The last major update fixed most of my issues with the controller button mapping and can play any game on it with the latest AMD drivers, sideloading is a hassle I understand but this is a PC after all :)

    I am envious the Ally does seem to of received more updates than the Go but at least the SD Card Reader doesn't overheat/break on the Go Slight smile

    We source HP devices at work so unfortunately i cant help you with your crusade

    Take Care


  • We shouldn't have to sideload and not everyone knows how to sideload, it's Lenovo a responsibility to have drivers ready and updated. 

    Legion Space while improved is still a mess. 

    Can't change VRAM from Legion Space like you can on Asucks Ally. 

    Fix the display issues associated with the panel they chose. That may be firmware or driver, don't know. 

    Misc. optimizations to make LegionSpace more efficient. 

    Enhance lighting, such as making the joysticks or power button leds actually useful and allow them to change based on battery level. 

    There is a ton that can and needs to be done but I don't need to nor will I point out every little thing that could make it amazing. I paid admission and am not being paid to provide ideas that probably fall on deaf ears anyway. 

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    I personally don't use Legion Space bar BIOS/Controller updates but I do understand how you feel how it should encompass everything

    From being a PC Gamer for 30 years maybe I am just take it for granted PC's are more troublesome sometimes than their console counterparts (which I know the Go is trying to emulate but is failing at).  Again changing VRAM in the BIOS is fine for me, however as the Ally can do this through Armoury Crate it is something the Go should be able to do by now

    I don't think the display problems will ever be fixed due to the design decisions but like Ben Myers stated before hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    In my opinion i would rather have this wonderful screen and sideload drivers but I know everyone's opinion is subjective, mine probably more than others

  • This isn't meant to sound combative but your defending a multimillion dollar company who's been developing computers for decades. 

    This wasn't hindsight, is was rushing to market.

    As for the screen, they can fix it, even if it's a sloppy workaround. Developer communities figure this sort of stuff out constantly and fix the mistakes of companies that cant/won't fix issues. The problem is the Legion Go is a relatively small user base compared to other platforms where aforementioned tinkering takes place. 

    LegionSpace I only have so I can remap buttons, that is it. If it weren't for that, I'd only need the sidr panel and nothing more.

    As for the screens looks, I don't at all disagree with you but here's where (Lenovo you paying attention?) Lenovo simply issues a BIOS update that fakes a 780m or through registry. Make the official driver update path be through AMD and not Lenovo. Better that than sitting idley by not giving us a true update on things or getting anywhere.

    The way this is being handled as a whole is a bad look. The Steam Deck is known to work well but be a pain for non-Steam. Asus is known for boarderline(?) fraud repair practices, dead left joysticks and SD-killer slots. Lenovo is known for procrastinating and not updating this thing. 

    Like I said, we were making great progress with the Beta BIOS' for a while and then all the sudden it feels like we stalled. Ben is doing a good job of keeping us informed to I assume the best of his ability but he's not the second coming of Christ like people are treating him to be. 

    If this was a $400 handheld, id say, well I took a gamble, it didn't pay off. It's not though, it's a $800 machine that feels like it's destined to fail if Lenovo doesn't pick up the pieces. 

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    Here nobody answering on our questions.

  • They won’t either. The one person they had on the forums they removed. Now we have no one.

  • That reddit thread discusses the point I'm making, if they can't get proprietary drivers to work properly (in which case they really f'd up and should fire the entire design and QA teams), then make the Sideload a official one time thing and get drivers from AMD.The ones in that thread don't even seem to be up to date drivers either. 

    I don't care about the AFMF Support, it's crap when it "works" anyway. AMD overhyped AFMF and FSR FG anddd apparently won't help Lenovo fix their screw up which puts AMD in the same dumpster as Microshaft for killing game studios. Nobody working together.

    I guess unless Lenovo either comments or deletes this thread in censorship (or just ignores it), I'll assume what we have is all we'll be getting. The sideloaded driver with LosslessScaling and Magpie and Playnite will be as close as I get to what this should have been. (Amazing how Lossless Scaling, Playnite, and Magpie can fix most of the issues but the company with thousands of employees and millions of dollars can't). 

    A good starting point for Lenovo would be to explain why they are having driver issues specifically. Is it something as stupid as one small feature not working? Is it something major? What is causing this huge delay and falling behind with releases? A week or two behind, sure. Months absolutely not. 

  • You are more right than a saint.
    I have been doing what you say for months (not recommending this console to anyone) and of course the idea I had of Lenovo gaming has changed, I thought it was a competent company but nothing could be further from the truth, I hope that with its laptops and PCs gaming do not behave like they do with legion go. But not only technologically but also because of the way they have been deceiving us, I suppose without bad faith, but I think they are not great professionals and are poorly organized, I think they launched this console for pure marketing and being in a booming market , but they launched it with problems that they do not know or cannot solve.

    Those who are happy are that they have not played with an ASUS, a DECK, or a GPD etc. It is not just the vertical screen as some say, it is that the space software is ugly, slow and outdated, the gyroscope does not work , the TDP or the FPS limit does not work in all games, right now I am writing this with the legion go and it is at 50 degrees of temperature without doing anything else, the battery lasts less than my GPD win 4, it eats the battery , they have used us as a beta-tester in all the few updates they have made, the same graphics since December 2023, the back buttons fail and creak due to their poor quality (I don't understand why they don't talk about their poor quality), just You can operate Windows with that mini touch panel or with the touch screen but not with the joysticks like they all do, which is more comfortable for me (or maybe I don't know how to do it), there is no battery charging light (this is very strong and very Chinese, everything at 100).. And all this is only what bothers me, but there is much more that bothers others.

    Yes, it has good things: The screen is big and the FPS to fool around for a while is good, I like the front buttons and joystick, the rear ones, as I said, a nonsense, so many buttons and so bad.

    I don't need money and that's why I keep it, perhaps with the false hope that one day it will be very different, but it is kept in its case and I only turn it on from time to time to check if there are updates, but there never are, I look at this one with it. forum, I vent, I save it again and play with Win Max 2 or Win 4.

    I also get angry when I hear about a Legion Go 2, it would be the height of hard face

    Come on, you are very right, friend.

  • Maybe it wont be a new iteration of the Go, but some fixes for the current version. Like what Asus is doing with the Ally X. Lenovo could call it the Go Northern European Edition, GoNE for short; like their communication and updates!