Cold War

Does anyone know how to get call of duty black ops Cold War to run on this thing. It keeps crashing everytime I try to play. I’ve seen gameplay but in some videos the creator said they were having similar issues and returned it. I’d hate to return it after spending so much money on it for it to not be able to run a game older than the legion go. 

  • Sounds like it might be another CyberPunk. A big shiny game that focused more on style than functionality. If turning the graphics down doesn't work and you are not going to get a better faster computer to run it on, your options are limited. Leave it on a to do list for when you do buy a better computer or return it. You can always buy it again if you choose to in the future.

    Wait, do you mean return the Go? Try other games first. Don't judge it entirely on the performance of 1 game. But also, if you can't get it to work... options are limited again.

  • It sounds like this is a game issue not the Go issue if others are having a problem with it. Why would you return it based on a single game issue. You will always have some games that aren't going to work. Some older games have issues with the shared resources on devices. Unless the game manufacturers fix it or someone finds a work around it may not work. You can try increasing the ram your allowing the gpu to use In bios most are setting it to 6gb from what I read. That's what I stay on. It may be too low for the game.

  • I have a good pc and a ps5 at home but I’m currently traveling for work and Cold War is mainly the fps game me and my friends played on we still play other games but I would have really liked for Cold War to run as that is the game we have the most fun on. I decided to keep it purely out of novelty use but I’m probably just gonna buy another ps5 since there seems to be no solution to this. 

  • If you look on the steam forums you will see the game is plagued with people saying the game crashes or won’t start. It’s not the legion go but the game itself