AMD new driver in lenovo chinese site

I just found these in reddit :

Is it true? Cause I can't read chinese.

  • It's this driver, just with a proper installer:  Legion Go May 2024 Beta VGA Driver
    not sure if there are any changes, but its the same version number

    update: no changes. Same exact driver.


  • So that's mean we won't get the latest AMD VGA Driver.

    Thank you for clarifyPray

  • unfortunately, no.

  • I am extremely disappointed.
    the AMD 90 degree overlay bug is still there.
    AFMF is present but crashes in the same way as standard AMD drivers .When i touch the screen , AFMF crashes.
    I don't see where Lenovo's work is, they don't care about the community.6 months for that

  • they say the overlay is not supposed to be used.
    its always been broken on the display and will probably never been fixed.
    If you need it, buy a device that has a horizontal based screen like the Ally or hook up an external monitor 

  • AFMF is a known concern with portriat screen. Secondly, as noted whenever it is brought up AFMF was never promised by Lenovo to be a feature. The lack of / not working AFMF comments are annoying a heck. It is becoming trolling. 

  • FMF was not promised, GPU driver updates were also not promised. But we are talking about gaming equipment - up-to-date drivers are very important, some games require the latest ones. I don't understand how you can defend Lenovo that doesn't update its hardware or say buy something else. This is no solution. Lenovo is a serious company that made bad decisions about the screen of this equipment. Everyone else has FMF but we don't. Did Asus promise these features? No. They just gave it because the GPU supports it. And you are talking nonsense, up-to-date drivers are something that should not be promised. This is standard in every serious corporation.

  • It would be nice if they figured out AFMF, but its not a big deal to me personally either way. I agree with you on the driver updates though. I don't understand why its such a problem to keep them current. I had a lot of problems trying to use the AMD drivers when I first got my GO back in December, but I recently started using the AMD drivers and my Go is running amazingly. I don't understand why its so hard for them to make whatever adaptations they need to make that it takes 6 months to get an outdated driver. The only problem I've had at all seems to be the FPS for their own overlay stops working.  Even that seems to be like something that could have been resolved by now. Can they not make the API pull presentmon data without breaking?  What exactly are they doing that is taking so long if the standard drivers work great anyway? I just don't understand.

  • I agree with your comment.

    I have a similar view as you do. If the time comes when a game is not running on the Lenovo drivers, I will join the AMD sideloading group. If it works, great. If not, then I will make some noise.

    Is it annoying that they are taking so long? Absolutely, it makes no sense. Is it a deal breaker for me? Not at all.

    If frame generation was an issue for me or the main reason for the purchase, I would sell the GO and purchase one that supports it. But then I would probably cry and complain about a million different things on that "other device." The truth is, even on my "high-end" desktop rig, I find frame generation to be a gimmick. For me, the latency is perceptible, and the tradeoff makes no sense. Again, if it were a deal breaker, I would sell the GO and find something else, plenty to choose.

    That's how I ended up with the GO, I came from the SD because I got fed-up with constant issues, and to some, the SD is the best thing since sliced-bread, 

  • i don't understand . Why the game Ghost of tsushima the frame generation works fine? 

    Management is done in the game itself and not by the pilot alone.
    They should ask Nixxes how they did it since they can't do it with the driver management software