WiFi - disconnecting from the internet after waking up


I've had a Legion Go for a week now. I've noticed a problem with WiFi after waking up the computer. Namely, the Wi-Fi connection is "as if" breaking down. I say "as if" because the connection is there, but the computer shows that there is no internet access (even though there is). What helps is to turn off and on the Wi-Fi. Of course, I have updated everything to the latest versions. Since the actions in the software "solve" the problem, I rule out a hardware problem.

  • Yea this sounds like a windows or driver thing. Does it stay connected to the wireless but then just says no internet access for that connection?

  • What happens if you go into the WiFi device properties under device manager and set it so that it never turns off WiFI or the internet. I know it still will if the device goes to sleep, but perhaps toggling that setting may still help.

  • Mine takes a few minutes to get connected again sometimes. I also had the same issue (but worse) with a Lenovo Yoga laptop. That one needed to be restarted to get connected again from time to time. Had to return it. I don't know if other manufacturers have the same issues.

  • Yes, exactly, WiFi seems to be connected, but there's "No internet" message.

  • i didn't try this one, I want it to work "as is" so I will wait for some driver updates if any. I simply disconnect and connect wifi again.

  • You can try reinstalling the wifi drivers from the Support site. That may resolve the issue. If that doesn't you can try the following commands. Run command prompt as administrator. That's definitely a Windows thing. I see it randomly on Dell laptops at work. Usually, it clears up by itself.

    sfc /scannow
    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

  • The UI/icon will always perform slower than what is actually happening on your device regardless of what said device is for Windows primarily as it's handling work in the background. If you are actively engaging with the UI in connecting to the internet, it will or should change instantly, but I wouldn't worry about this if the UI says one thing and your device is doing another (showing it's not connected when it actually is). Does this make sense to you or relate to the situation you're having? This is how I'm interpreting it as, just slow UI not matching the speed of the actions taking place.