Downsides of Using AMD drivers?

I play a lot of new games and Lenovo's slow rollout of VGA drivers is an issue for that. I was thinking of sideloading AMD drivers directly, but I couldn't figure out the downsides to this approach? What are the optimizations that Lenovo makes on these drivers? Will I see everything in portrait for instance?

  • The only downsides that I've experienced is the legion go FPS overlay won't work and you'll have to manually update your VGA driver. I also experienced windows update installing an older driver that broke my adrenaline until I reinstalled the current driver. This was resolved by going into group policy editor and stopping windows update from updating the driver for the 780m. Other than that, everything performs better than the lenovo driver. I'm really happy with the way the little guy is performing.

  • I am not sure what tweaking they do on the Go side. I can think of a few things like the FPS counter(only works on theirs), the RSR button on the quick menu(enabled it in their version) and there may be some others. Even the frame limiter probably uses their version of Adrenaline. I have been sideloading for about 2 months now. I did notice my Go would randomly turn off when starting a game. This was mainly when using a dock. I would start a game and it seemed like something with the driver would cause it to immediately shut down and reboot. There are a few videos that show the overall performance it the same minus new games.

  • RSR and FPS limiter it doesn't work properly, at least for me with official drivers. on new beta drivers RSR works at least in the games I checked.

  • I don’t have any downsides. I also get around the lenovo overlay by using MSI afterburner and turning on all the monitoring things I want such as FPS, temperature, clock speed, and wattage.

    your games will not be in portrait as windows controls that. There is little to no difference in terms of how games run with the AMD drivers vs Lenovos. You will however always be up to date and be able to run the newest games without graphics driver warnings or crashes.

    try it out for a few days, and the worst case scenario is you revert back.

    Here’s some videos I made that show how the games run and what MSI afterburner looks like on the screen using 780m drivers from AMD

  • video i found of recent lenovo driver vs AMD drivers