The new drivers are officially available now. I started a new thread so the update wouldn't get overlooked. If you sideloaded the drivers that are 24.5.1 then it's up to you if you want the official ones. Just note that the 24.5.1 drivers are more current but are not optimized for the go but definitely work better in my opinion. Just wanted to give you an FYI.

  • I have been sideloading but installed the new one. Still can't get the built in fps to work. 

  • The new official one for the go or 24.5.1? Which one did you install? I don't even use the fps overlay. It's too distracting to me

  • Maybe try DDU Uninstaller, then install the new Lenovo driver. I would hope the FPS counter problem is fixed as it seemed from the very limited communications we received, that was a big factor holder the driver back from being published.

  • Ashamed we had to hear it from you first, and not an AMD rep.

  • I installed the new Lenovo Driver. I don't usually use it but if something gets choppy I pull it up and tweak my power settings. I would prefer the built in over msi afterburner only because it's so simple to turn off.

  • I found out from legion go life on X. They're up to date on everything. Supposedly they also mentioned that Lenovo is currently working on a cheaper version of the Go called legion go lite

  • I did this installed the new driver but for some reason, it seems AMD Adrenaline is still not part of the installer. Now it's time to see if I want to put effort into installing it or just go back to side loading.

  • I just gave up on the official drivers. I appreciate the work from Lenovo but I'd rather just side load and be happy with better drivers with minimal effects

  • Yea this required version of Adrenaline needs to be part of the package or a separate installer. My first run in was I had some issues and had to remove it a few months in was a nightmare to get it working again. I don't understand if this is a required program for the Go to work correctly why there isn't a way to easily install it. I am going to try one more time but I may just go back to the 24.5.1.

  • Saw this on an official forum from January when I was looking up if anyone found an easy solution. Seems they forgot about this huge issue that essentially breaks functions of the device Since the Quick menu relies on their Adrenaline version. Had to chuckle when I saw it 5 Months later no resolution or acknowledgment. This is one of those things that could have been resolved since the 6 months between releases.