A failed attempt to update to the latest VGA drivers almost had me restore to factory! *Fixed*


I decided to update the AMD drivers to the latest published by Lenovo. Following a restart, AMD software refused to start up with the error msg "This AMD software is not compatible with your AMD drivers".

With no leads to follow, I decided to DDU and start fresh. Drivers successfully installed however, the installer would not install AMD Software.

Spent an hour or so scouring the forums while searching for any useful advice, did one more DDU ... almost gave up until I came across Johnny K's comment (which I modified to match the current VGA driver version) on the Beta VGA thread. Managed to install the AMD Software. Problem solved. 

If you're missing the AMD Settings/Adrenaline App after installing the new drivers do the following:

  1. Download the driver file from the Lenovo Support website.
  2. Run the installer file as Administrator and choose Extract.
  3. Browse to the following location within the folder where you extracted the driver: 31.0.24028.1001\Packages\Appx\RSXUWP
  4. Extract the contents of the radeonsoftware.msix_Windows10_PreinstallKit.zip file. 
  5. Run the 90c30248be704488626a5d3303e7c.msix file (it's the biggest file within the extraction folder).
    1. This file is the correct installer for the Lenovo driver compatible version of the Adrenaline software. 
  6. Once the AMD Radeon Software window loads up press Install. 
    1. The .bat should've taken care of the pre-requisites but, if you get an error after doing this:
      1. Browse to the 31.0.24028.1001\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\UWPPair folder,
      2. Right click on the UWPPair.inf file and click Install.
      3. The installer should work as expected after completing these steps.
  7. After the installer completes, the Adrenaline software should be installed again

Hope this thread helps. Cheers!

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