Can we get anyone from Lenovo to give us any sort of update on the status of any Go updates?

The last GPU driver was from December and the new update is a broken mess with worse performance, no AFMF, broken Space overlay, broken AMD overlay, 

The last Ben M update on 04/09/2024 stated that he was pulled away from updating the community: "As we chart the course for the future of Legion Go, I want to share a personal update with you. While I care about and am deeply appreciative of this community, my direct involvement in product development (and thus my ability to advocate on your behalf) has been reduced. This is due in part to a strategic decision to leverage a broader array of feedback channels. However, please know that your voices and perspectives remain invaluable to our team, and there are systems in place to ensure that customer feedback continues to shape the evolution of Legion Go. Your engagement has been, and always will be, a driving force behind our innovation."

 Legion Go Update 04.09.2024 

So the Legion Go project manager was pulled away and not replaced with a community manager in any form. This was a strategic decision to "This is due in part to a strategic decision to leverage a broader array of feedback channels.

Where are these feedback channels? Nobody officially from Lenovo posts any information here, Reddit, or the discord. Is there a secret forum or website that Lenovo says anything to the actual community. Lenovo is the largest global PC vendor and there isn't 1 single person that has it included in their job description to provide any information regarding the Lenovo Legion Go. 

To quote Clifford Chong of Lenovo from Lenovo Innovate: "We are still spending a lot of resources improving on the current Legion Go. Okay. We are still spending a lot of resources. Over the span of the last 6 months since launch, we have unlocked from day one till now a lot more experiences and there are still engineering efforts to try to bring the next wave of features to the product. So definitely it's a product category that we do see potential in and we continue to invest and we are looking towards when the time comes, right? Of course, having the next generation to provide even more features, better features."

Can some of these resources be spent on updating the people that spent money on a device instead of looking towards producing a new generation when the 1st generation is missing basic functionality?

When the VGA driver was released in a Beta state, it was stated that when it became official, it would coincide with a Space update so that the FPS counter works. The driver is officially in Space but Space has not been updated. 

 Legion Go May 2024 Beta VGA Driver 

Custom TDP is still not working with STT and does not stick to the actual TDP as it will fluctuate as it sees fit, we still can't map the Xbox button, even though the controllers are seen as an Xbox controller, RSR does not work properly in the Lenovo drivers, can't map a mouse click to a button for only when using the trackpad, Space is horrendous bloatware that is just a storefront and hides your installed games behind extra clicks, Right menu lags 50%+ of the time you open it. 

All through the winter months, the excuse was that the Chinese new year was coming, or is ongoing. That time has passed and it has been 2 months since the last update on what is happening with the Go. 

EDIT: According to a reply from Ben M on Reddit, the Space update/FPS Fix is 1 month or more away Joy

This wasn't even a post on Reddit but a REPLY to another post

This is a joke. 

  • Well articulated. I am surprised Lenovo hasn’t received more negative news coverage from tech sites, as PC handhelds are the in thing currently.

  • Well said. I'm the biggest Legion go fan and have tried to be patient and understanding but feeling like a bit of a simp right now. Come on Lenovo.  Not saying anything really is saying something quite directly!

  • Yup I feel the same about these issue.

    Should we make a petition so Lenovo executives will listen to us?

  • This is worrying

    I just ordered a legion go. 

    Should I cancel? 

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    Cancel if you dont like being left out of the dark. There are Pro's and Con's for each handheld, ASUS RMA, MSI refresh 2 months after launch .

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    I would cancel and wait for the Ally X. I was gifted my Go so I am past that point but if I bought anything myself, I would have done more research into it. Every review of the device says that it is decent, but the Ally/Steam deck are better. 

    Best combo to use on the Go is Handheld Companion instead of Space(you can disable the service), PlayNite as a game launcher, and sideload all the latest AMD drivers

  • This one is interesting :

    I wonder why our LeGo don't have these feature from the beginningGrin

  • Unfortunately I think Legion Go is not as popular as the Ally and that's why there is no more coverage of the Go issues and that's why Lenovo is reducing support and seems like they don't care about their first attempt at this market. We were basically Beta Testers

  • Added the edit about the FPS fix being delayed another month as it is coming with a Space UI update.