Is anyone else actually happy with their Go?

I see a lot of doom posting on here regarding the Legion Go and it makes me wonder if anyone is actually enjoying the device? I have only had mine a week, so maybe I haven't owned it long enough to experience the frustrations others are discussing, but so far I am really digging it. 

I did a lot of reading and watching vids before I finally pulled the trigger. In almost all the cases the reviewer ended up choosing the Go over the Steam Deck or the Ally. I actually didn't even know about the Claw until right before I bought my Go. 

My only real gripe is battery life, which was an issue no matter which device I chose, so kind of a non-issue in the grand scheme of these new handhelds. So is it a noisy minority here who are making all the negative chatter or are most owners of the Go really that unhappy with it? 

If you are one of those enjoying it like me, what are you happy with? What game is keeping you glued to the Go currently? 

  • I'm pretty happy with mine, yes. Legion Go needs some official updates and better software (Legion Space), but besides that, the device is great.

  • I am happy with mine; however, it really needs some software polish. 

  • i got my a week ago. So far I feel happy, after watching dozens of videos and deciding to chose from ally and steamdeck. Deck does not fit in my hands at all (and somehow feels Javier than go, although it's actually lighter). Asus has support issues and Sd card overheat. 

    I love a potential of legion go, it has bright future with software updates as I now using third party apps ti make experience more console-ish. I wish it had much bigger battery, but all devices are like that mostly 

    And now using it more than my legion laptop. Zero regrets 

  • I’ve had mine for about 4 months and I am happy with it and use it daily. I just wish they kept us better informed with the road map of what i planned for it rather than keep us in the dark.

    the lack of updated GPU drivers is concerning and they force you to use official AMD drivers if you want to have the most up to date ones. They work better anyways in the end.

    the software just sucks and doesn’t have per-game controller layouts, and they expect you to save layouts and remember to switch them on every game. 

    TDP still doesn’t properly work and you have to wait up to 5min before it actually down clocks to the wattage you set that’s under 30

    so while I enjoy the go it still have issues that should have been figured out and implemented months ago

  • dont want to buy one but would like to win one

  • I love my Legion Go and have had it for about 5 months now. I have had zero issues gaming with it, but I don't play AAA games on it. I mainly stick to Metroidvania, VS-like, or other less intensive indie games. The only complaint I would really have about it is that it will require more cleaning than a Steamdeck. It tends to pick up dust pretty easily, but this is a quick fix. 

  • I've had it for almost a month and I love it. Here are my opinions about the Legion Go (I'm still new to this device so I might be wrong).

    Pros :

    1. Beatiful 8.8 inch screen, very useful for working;
    2. Great performance for gaming or working;
    3. 5W TDP still working for light gaming like L4D, RE5, Castle Crasher (720p/800p Low & limit FPS to 45 or 30);
    4. Battery life is good enough for me (but hey, there's nothing wrong if Lenovo can give us a bigger battery capacity :P);
    5. Detachable gamepad is a huge plus and also can use it like switch joy-con (but then again D-Pad is not comfortable to use IMO);
    6. Built in kickstand;
    7. Build quality feels very solid.

    Cons :

    1.  Legion space and controller FPS mode still needs to work;
    2. The Legion Go is also heavy compared to others (but I use it mostly in tablet mode so this is not much of a problem for me);
    3. No charging status available when I charge the Go in off mode (I hope they can use the light on power button as an indicator for this like turns red when it's still charging and turns white or blue when it's fully charge or reach 80% if charging limit option is enabled)
    4. D-Pad is kinda stiff for me;
    5. Speaker sound (using a headset will help);
    6. Dust might accumulated easily inside the Go (I installed dust mesh on the air intake. Hoping it will help reduce the dust getting inside the cooler fan);
    7. 16GB of RAM might not enough in the future.

    But then again no device is perfect for everyone.

    I'm happy with my Legion Go and got no regrets buying it. Hope it will last long.Thumbsup

  • I agree 100%. Part of the reason I'm frustrated at the slow updates and improvements is because I think the device is absolutely fantastic, and deserves more attention. 

  • After using the ally and steam deck LCD, I have found the legion go to great. I love the screen, and performance is great. 

  • I have been enjoying mine. Even the battery life is decent if you tweak things. I have been playing a lot of games at like 9-13 watts. I had the Steamdeck and they did a great job on it, but I wanted the ability to play the more resource-intensive games and a larger screen. I love the screen on the go I feel even at 800p it looks better because of the higher pixel count. I played Fallout 3 side by side same settings and it looked way better. the best part, if I want to plug it in or I don't care about the battery I get the performance I want.

    Yeah, most of the complaints are niche items. Like Gyo for emulation or even wanting the Xbox Button. Everyone who is buying a new handheld is a beta tester. Handheld devices are new territory for mainstream companies. I agree there are some things I would like to see fixed and sure updates could be more frequent but this thing performs well even now. Also, none of the issues are breaking the device they are more of a nuisance. Personally, I am looking forward to ergonomic trustrike controllers.

    Currently, I have been playing through Days Gone. Plays well and I can even run it down to 13w with a steady 30FPS when I am on battery. When I dock I bump it up to 1080 and run it around 50-60.