It's been over a week the GPU driver released and still no fix for the FPS counter.

Lenovo practically removed advertised basic functionality with this update. The driver was supposedly delayed because this bug was found in the beta. Instead of fixing the issue, Lenovo simply released the beta driver, without the update required by the Legion Space app to fix this bug. Its been over a week (3 of June) since the driver was released and the bug is still there.

  • Install MSI afterburner. It’s better anyways and gives you loads more options to view in the overlay such as temperature, fps, wattage, clock speed of both gpu and cpu, ram speed, and a bunch of other stuff.

  • A 3d party application is not supposed to solve an issue caused by a 1st part one. Legion Space is a necessity and I don't want another application using CPU in the background for something Legion Space is supposed to be doing.

  • I agree with you. Unfortunately this is what we have to do for now if you want those things. As for CPU usage MSI afterburner barely uses any.