Updates is getting concerning

I am still in the return windows and highly considering bringing the console back. It appears from other users posts that they have been promising updates for weeks or even months at a time without
  • If you like the legion go as it stands right now, then there is no reason to return it. Yeah, you’re right that the updates are slow and should be done at a much faster rate. However the device works as it stands even with its annoyances, there are other 3rd party software to fix what lenovo should have already.

    really it’s up to you. 

    steam deck oled is overpriced for what you get. ( I have LCD )

    ROG ally uses the same APU as the legion go, has smaller screen, but does have variable refresh rate and the software has been update more frequently. It also has a newer version to be released soon.

    MSI claw……LMAO! just no!

    or you can look into the many handhelds from Chinese retailer oneXplayer

    so you have options, and should consider them before it’s too late

  • It's up to you. Even without frequent updates, the Go is still better than other handhelds for what I use it for. I understand the frustration of other users because compared to the Steamdeck software it is far more clunky. There are games usually AAA which users seem to have trouble launching and playing without tinker settings. 

    If you feel confident in Lenovo improving and continually updating the Go then keep it. If you do not trust them then return it. It's your money and you are free to make a decision that will be the least stressful for you.