New Legion Go owner with a few questions!

I have had an LCD Steam Deck and was looking for an upgrade.  Yesterday, I made my decision and bought a Legion Go. I chose it for the larger display and because Windows, for all its pros and cons, can be tweaked in many ways. There's a lot of information out there about the Go and how it can be tweaked. Not all of it is consistent! 

I want to run games from Steam and Xbox Cloud Gaming, as well as do emulation for other games. 

Just to get a baseline, I installed Stray on Steam and ran it with the display on max. The game looked great, but framerates were in the low 20s. I'm sure I can do better, but not bad for no tweaking. 


1) Can someone point me to places where I can find reliable info on getting the most out of Windows and on how to make adjustments in Legion Space?

2) I've just heard of Bazzite OS, which is similar to SteamOS. If I tried that, I'd do a dual boot with Windows so that I could access BIOS updates. I understand that there's no real performance benefit, but are there any down sides to Bazzite? 

3) How does EmuDeck work in Windows? I understand it's still considered a beta on Windows. Any tweaks that you might recommend?

That's plenty for now. Thanks for your help!

  • To addess point 2, let me say I'm a huge Linux fan. With that out of the way specifically for Legion Go I'd recommend sticking with Windows. The main reason being is Lenovo has likely tuned the firmware of the Go specifically for Windows in addition to any Linux specific drivers for the niche chipset (Z1 extreme) likely not being available in the upstream Linux Kernel. I could be mistaken but I expect there'd be a ton of manual tweaking and fragility off road'ing.

    I'd like to address point 1 but limited on non intel tweaking (undervolting, power re-distribution, etc) If you're sticking with Windows.

    Hopefully official drivers will continue to help crank out performance improvements. Cheers!  

  • Thanks for your reply! My plan is to see what I can do with Windows first before trying Linux, even as a dual boot. Any suggestions for tweaking Windows will be most welcome!

  • Love to see folks share their knowledge and expertise,  

  • For tweaks, I recommend the Legion Go Reddit page. People share their configs for each game there. It's really useful! 

  • wondering the same about number 1

  • Appreciate everyone who contributes to this post. This is good "tribal knowledge", which is so often hard to come by.

  • Bookmarking this post for later! Good to know new info regarding the Legion Go and how it can be customized! 

  • I haven't tried any of these devices, operating systems, or emulators. Someday, I might get a device that plays Steam games on the go, but it's not a purchase priority. I can play Steam games on my laptop, so that's good enough for now. An advantage to this is that I can do productivity tasks such as checking my email, surfing the Web, and word processing if needed. Since I don't use my laptop much for starters, a Steam Deck or other device would be just another piece of technology in my closet collecting dust while it slowly becomes obsolete. If I wanted a device to run faster and the games are compatible with Linux, I would use that operating system instead of Windows since the latter has a lot of bloat and requires an antivirus as a "performance tax" necessary to keep it secure.

  • This page is really good!

  • I wish I could contribute, but the truth is that I unfortunately don't own either one of those amazing handhelds. But that doesn't mean I can't learn from reading what people share. So just for the record, is the Legion Go more powerful than the OLED Steam Deck?