Street fighter 6 lagging

I recently bought street fighter 6 but it was way too laggy even with V sync is off and lowest graphics. Does anyone experiencing this? I have tried all internet advice but to no anvil.

Could it be my SSD space? It is only 512GB with 16G Ram. Should I upgrade to another 4GB to have better performance?

I only have Mortal Kombat 11 and SF 6 in my LegionGo. 

Please help. 

  • I've used this video as a reference for what settings to use (just pause at the beginning): >> also set "Shader Quality" to low. With these settings, I've had SF6 running at 60fps in Fighting Ground. Though, World Tour mode was still somewhat laggy from my brief testing. The Legion Go itself is on performance mode with 4gb of VRAM.

  • It sounds like you need to turn the resolution scale down or just lower your resolution. Your ssd being mostly full can impact performance but not to the extent it should affect gameplay, that shouldn't be an issue. Some games run better at 4gb and others run better at 6gb. I typically leave mine at 6gb when I'm not connected to an egpu. Most of your performance gains/losses are going to be tied to your game settings and resolution, along with whatever TDP you're using.

  • It still lags like ***. Not sure why. Sucks