(Images) First look at new official Legion Go Dock!

You asked, we listened!

Check out the first images of our official Legion Go dock, coming soon!

An official dock for the Legion Go has been one of the community's most-requested accessories since launching last year.

What are your initial reactions to the design? Feedback for the team? Our product and accessory managers will be listening, so let us know!

  • looks nice, similar to the Steamdeck Dock. What are the specs? HDMI 2.1?

  • Not going to lie, fairly disappointed. It doesn't look any different from the competitors.

    You guys have an advantage with your Legion go that no other device other handheld PC has and you don't want to use it?!

    The legion go, just like the switch, has a usb-c port on the bottom, just put a usb-c connector on the bottom of the dock so we can dock it without needing to attach a cable to the device to dock it.

    Not only would this dock more easily like the switch, but also leave a usb-c port open on top for use with controllers and other devices.

    How disappointing.

  • Jamais content cette communauté sérieux moi jd trouvd bien cd dock 

    Merci ldnovo

  • As much as I would like more USB ports for controllers and maybe external drives, this is still much better than the switch dock that comes with your switch by a long shot because it has more ports and better accessibility. Also looks like a power cable connected to the device. I don’t know if it removable or not but usb power would be better which looks like the left usb c port can handle but that takes a usb port away or other things. Need more info.

  • I was hoping the bottom usb-c port was being used for a dock one day but I guess my dreams just have been crushed 

  • This looks very nice,  the design is very slick.

  • PERFECT Home Base for the Go !!!  Docks are great additions to these small portables.

  • Thank you for sharing.

  • Looks good! Like others have said, I’m more interested in knowing the specs, specially for the HDMI. Additionally, it would be nice to have the option to dock it using the bottom USB-C port. Also, what is the price point for the dock?

    Regarding accessories… is there any type of protector case coming? Something like the Dbrand Killswitch case would be super nice.

    Control attachment to use them as a single control?

  • Will the dock be USB 4 or will the ports be at a reduced speed?