Does SSD 2TB increases the performance of LegionGo?

Currently at default 512GB SSD and playing simple games like tomb raider, Street fighter 6, three kingdom zhaoyun lags like crazy even at every low setting and resolution. 

Question is- what is wrong and does increasing my SSD to 2TB helps? I am sending to service centre as it is still under warranty. 

  • Hi Amirrudin, no it doesn't. It only provides more storage so you can add more games and other app to your system.

  • Many factors could slow down your system.

    1. Updates. (Is everything up to date? --> Windows Update + Lenovo Updates from here: laptops and netbooks :: legion series :: legion go 8apu1contentdetail - Lenovo Support US [Forget Legion Space])

    2. Is your Legion go on performance mode + Efficiency mode? (What color is your On off button at the top. Tell us)

    3. VRAM. Are you on default 3GB? Change it in the BIOS. (Sweet spot is 6. Facts are in Youtube, presented with side by side comparison.

    4. Turn of Virtual Machine Platform (VMP) and Core Isolation. (Options to optimize gaming performance in Windows 11 - Microsoft Support)

  • Roughly how much free space do you have? 

    you will start to see diminished performance if you are low on storage space.

    I don't know if there is a specific point which slowdown happens, but I try to keep around 5-7% free on my 2TB. 

  • Storage shouldn't really affect your gameplay unless your drive is almost full. Sounds more like not enough VRAM. Here are some helpful tips when setting up the Go.

  • The SSD would affect performance usually only if your SSD is full and there isn't room for the OS to increase the paging file (used when it needs more memory to run an app). Otherwise I would look at other things that are more likely to cause stuttering like TDP mode, resolution, graphics settings for the game, updated drivers, etc. Look at your bios and set the memory allotted to the graphics to 4 or 6 G (Most people are recommending 6), this might help also with any sort of stuttering caused by the graphics not having enough memory. It's helpful to look at sites that will list optimal settings for a specific game and follow their recommendation.

  • That's like asking if you can download more RAM....