New Legion Space Update

I just got a new legion space update with a new UI. I don't know if anybody else got this or if it's a public update but you might want to check for an update. The new version is

  • I currently don't see any updates either in Legion Space or on the support website. Maybe there's a small rollout for testing.

  • I guess I don't know. I didn't receive any kind of notification or anything for beta that's why I was not sure if it was beta or public

  • What’s new besides UI?

  • i have been looking for this update pls how can i get it

  • A picture of it would be nice

  • These pics are from Lenovo Legion Go Life on X. There was a beta at one time for Space updates but I'm not sure if they are still doing them. Ben M would usually give a heads up on the updates but he's been moved to focus on other things. Don't quote me on this either but the beta updates for space are usually released a few days earlier before it gets the public release. So this space update should be available soon to everybody. 

  • Do you have the actual Space update now? can you post pictures of your device. 

    Are you a beta tester? did you register to be a beta tester? or just a normal consumer. 

  • Hi Chris, yes I am a beta tester and also yes to having the actual space update. The previous pics that I posted from Lenovo legion go life are the new space update that I have.

  • Anyway there are few youtube videos going through this update