Issues when docked?

Anyone else have issues when the dock their legion go? It takes me forever to get it the way I want it and once I’ve set it all up, my games are really laggy and I have to switch it to default settings for it to work.

right now I’ve had to put the display to same screen and once I finally got the controllers to work, I can now finally chill Sweat smile 

  • It might help to mention what docking station you are using since it could be an issue with that model.

    Otherwise, I would suggest that you change the display settings on your tv. Changing it to gaming mode usually should fix input lags. You can also fix this by using extended desktop mode and changing tv settings to 1080p 60hz. 

  • What resolution are you running on the monitor? If you are running it at 2k/4k instead of something lower like 800p maybe 1080 that would cause huge issues depending on the game.