Forum Suggestion

I noticed that for all forums regarding Lenovo do not have important pinned topics. Can we update the forums to have important pinned threads always at the top of each section? All of the other forums that I belong to have this except Lenovo and it is very helpful to existing and new members. 

  •  Blogs/News This serves that purpose well, right? News and events. Maybe the topics that should be pinned can go there?

  • I was thinking more like important updates which could be used for gpu drivers and/or tutorials for setting up your device. Something like that to help new people get started with their new devices

  • I agree even for basic troubleshooting having a pinned guide or threads would be great. We get a lot of the same requests that have multiple threads with the same answers.

  • Hey! Good suggestion, functionality like this should be coming mid July with our large site update. We also intend to really open up the moderator program and group ownership to more community members so that you all can start having more control over areas of the community, and be part of the team Slight smile

  • Definitely a good idea. I've been Community Manager and a strategic consultant for other CM's for over ten years, and I'm a big advocate for using things like this to leverage the power inherent to communities. You can even used pinned threads to feature other discussions, along with sidebar components like Featured Discussions, if your platform has such things. Although I'm not really sure what platform this community is on. 

  • Hey Ben, thanks for the update! I would actually love to become a moderator if possible but I always thought that it was only for Lenovo personnel. I always try to help out others if I can but I know my fellow community members will back me up with providing insight on new information that becomes available

  • That's great to hear. This will also help with some of these ransom spam posts we have been getting.

  • You are right, I agree with you.