Legion Go Update 11.02.23

Hi All,

Wanted to provide some updates/information during the launch window.  I know this doesn’t address all concerns from all current and prospective owners but I wanted to provide the updates we do have.  All below subject to change and only indicative of plans at the time of writing.  Some are follow-ups from the AMA.

  • Space: Another update coming around November 10th, and another 2-4 weeks after that.
  • Space: Darker UI option will be released around November 10th
  • Space: DPI Settings for FPS mode will appear in Controller settings once FPS mode is toggled on (already implemented in
  • Space: Right Legion button optimizations are being worked on so that it is quicker and more intuitive to access performance settings and toggles.
  • Space: Trackpad DPI and Joystick Deadzone management are work in progress
  • Space: Working on making "Apply Game Profile" more intuitive, some improvements coming around November 10th
  • Drivers: New VGA drivers are coming very soon (within next 72 hours) and can be found here when available:
  • https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/legion-series/legion-go-8apu1/downloads
  • Gyros: 3 Total, one in each controller and one in the main unit.

Thank you.

  • Can we have custom fan curves please?? A lot of us are annoyed at the high pitch the fan makes. 

  • Request - Controller Mappings to keyboard controls + Macros(button combinations, ex. SHIFT+ALT+1) assignable to back buttons

  • Request - Can we please get a fps cap option on the right legion button please?

  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the update. Any chance we could see the following in future updates:

    1. Custom ram curves. The cooling is over aggressive with temps being quite low. 

    2. Keyboard/macro mappings for controller. This is only allowed in FPS mode but is required for apps like chiaki to map PS button, touchpad. 

    3. Extra VRAM allocation options like auto, 6GB. 
  • Request - Can you give us integer scaling on the built in display too please?

  • Some requests:

    Find a way to import steam deck controller profiles to LGO, or ask Valve to add official LGO support to steam input, so we can just download and upload controller profiles. If that is not possible, then please do something similar to that on Legion Space, like per game profiles and sharing them.

    Add more gyro control, especially Gyro as mouse.

    Release different LegionCon, with more comfortable touch pad placement, and two touch pads.

    Official stylus support, and which stylus does the LGO support.

    The screen orientation fiasco really left a bad taste in the community's mouth, don't do that again, we love the device, don't punish us for being excited.


  • Hi Ben,

    Thank you so much for the update. If I may, I have five requests that I and the rest of the community have been struggling with:

    1) Either improved fan curves or the ability to adjust them ourselves. Preferably both, if possible. The current curves are unnecessarily aggressive and loud.

    2) Full control over controller mappings (there's no benefit in only allowing the back buttons to mirror the front ones).

    3) I know you mentioned that you're working on adjustable deadzones, but in the meantime, can you guys please just remove the deadzones altogether? The whole point of the hall effect sticks was not to have them and the controllers are crippled as they are.

    4) For the love of all that is holy, please please please just have the right legion button open the quick settings. Improving the timings is great and maybe give it some priority in the OS over whatever application is currently running, but the secondary menu that pops up on the left side after three clicks serves absolutely no purpose for 90+% of us. We just want a quick method to adjust the display and other settings. If I want to run a game, I'll use the left legion button.

    5) Additional VRAM allocation options (5GB, 6GB, and Auto for games that need it like Hogwarts Legacy).

  • I see lots of request for custom fan curves but can you please also revisit the stock fan curves? They're too aggressive. My fans are often over 5000 rpm while the Go is sitting idle in Windows.

  • Agreed here! 60c on Performance mode(but at the cost of -50-60db) is a bit much! Lenovo could relax these curves quite a bit! Please look into this! The thermal limit of the APU is 95c -there is a lot of room for improvement here.

  • Hi Akoi, RIS currently unsupported on UMA devices, working with our friends at AMD to see if there's a path forward for Legion Go.