Legion Go Accessories

Do you guys have any plans for Legion Go dock or any other accessories?

  • besides using the Legion go as a gaming hand held, I have spent some time thinking about this and am going to use my Legion Go as a PC workstation when i am travailing to reduce the need of caring a additional laptop. Here is my list:

     What’s in you Legion Go Bag? 


  • Same plan here! Planning on downsizing my computer desk for this, especially since anything requiring more would be provided by my job anyway 

  • It's got 2x USB-C 4.0 ports so theoretically, any USB-C docks (and potentially Thunderbolt docks) should be able to work. I'd probably use a small dock when traveling as a PC replacement with DP ALT and keyboard/mouse + gaming capability. Just have to wait for the sales lol.

  • I got a tri fold Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse that makes it super easy to use as a mobile PC if needed

  • Me too! Am going to sell my Gigabyte Notebook because of that WinkOk hand

  • Can totally recommend a foldable keyboard with trackpad for easier navigation like the "Seenda" brand ones:


    Saves space for a mousepad on the go, has a good functioning multi finger mousepad, and is really mobile.