What’s in you Legion Go Bag?

 I am excited to get my hands on my Legion Go. And besides the amazing potential it has ad a Handheld PC, I see the capability of it becoming my personal computer / Laptop replacement on travels. I already have to take along a large work PC so this is the Mobile Desktop setup u am going to start using with my Legion go to take advantage of the Windows environment for non-gaming activities.

The following component are selected with productivity in mind and will not be the best for gaming, but gaming is what I will be using the Legion Go for. Let me know what you think.

As mentioned above I am interested in hearing your thoughts.

  • Thats a good amount of connectivity! Nice that u got the Legion Go pretty cool device :)

  • Your list is Great.  The Legion GO is a PC; so having all those things will help allow it to finction as a PC along with being a Gaming Device.

  • That's a full list. Thanks for sharing!

    • Anker powercore 3 elite 26k 87w (power bank / portable charger)

    • Logitech K400+ keyboard and trackpad combo 
    • USB C dongle w/ HDMI, USB A 3.0, and USB C (including power in support)
    • USB C male to female elbow connector for bottom port accessibility when using the kickstand
    • Two Thunderbolt 4 100 watt certified cables
    • Lenovo M14t portable 14” touch monitor 
  • I am getting all my items togate and am going to test the setup this wakened. I did here that the Legion Go is currently having problems with USB docks and port extenders. Hoping that if this ends up being true, that a patch to fix  it will come soon, but i will let you know how it works out.

  • Today i got everything in the above list connected and it is working like a charm.

    Here is a picture of the setup. Hope this helps for others that are looking for a mobile desktop solution when travailing with the Legion Go. 

  • That's actually really awesome you put together this post. I'd love to see more of this from the community, hopefully this can help others get inspired. How was the travel with everything, especially the monitor?

  • What backpacks do you suggest for storing all these stuff on the go?

  • I am currently using a small computer carry bag I have had for a while that i can keep on top of my roller bag when travailing. This is working verry well. I am looking for a Case for the Legion Go that is a bit thinner.


  • I started shopping for Skins and screen protectors.

    Have any of you applied any to your Legion go yet?