Legion Go Update 11.10.23

Hi All,

First some comments on last week's update:

  • Space: Another update coming around November 10th, and another 2-4 weeks after that.
    • Update has been released and will automatically download when Space starts.  Latest / current version of
    • More updates planned.  Next tentative release will be around 11/30
  • Space: Darker UI option will be released around November 10th
    • Seems like this is not an option but now default.  UI has been darkened
  • Space: DPI Settings for FPS mode will appear in Controller settings once FPS mode is toggled on (already implemented in
  • Space: Right Legion button optimizations are being worked on so that it is quicker and more intuitive to access performance settings and toggles.
    • Per community request, right button now only opens performance menu with 1 click and left menu has been removed
  • Space: Trackpad DPI and Joystick Deadzone management are work in progress
    • This may take longer than originally expected.  Still in the plan, however we are looking to add Joystick sensitivity adjustments in addition to the deadzone management.
    • Team wants to release this as quickly as possible so if it doesn't make one of our pre-scheduled updates we will look at pushing it out as soon as it's ready
  • Space: Working on making "Apply Game Profile" more intuitive, some improvements coming around November 10th
    • This is still a work in progress.
  • Drivers: New VGA drivers are coming very soon (within next 72 hours) and can be found here when available:
  • Gyros: 3 Total, one in each controller and one in the main unit.
    • Space allows to set Gyro as Left or Right Joystick
    • Further improvements work in progress

Additional things for this week:

The extended teams are rounding up and taking very seriously all of your feedback.  We are meeting regularly to discuss and plan actions to address key concerns and requests.  This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Additional customization for key mappings
  • Additional UMA frame buffer options including 6G and Auto
  • Custom fan curve adjustments
  • FPS limiter implementation
  • Fix for 144->60Hz refresh rate toggle requiring AC adapter
  • Reports of some users not seeing Custom TDP take effect
  • Reports of some users not seeing working FPS counter
  • Users requested the ability to turn off auto-loading of Legion Space when system boots.  There is now a toggle in the General tab to address this.  Please note that if Space is not loaded some controller/setting functionality may not work.
  • Added additional language support to Space: Spanish, French, German, Japanese
  • Audio Volume.  While this is admittedly not an ideal fix, a potential path for improvement would be to open the "RealTek Audio Console" preloaded on the device, navigate to the "Speakers" section, and manually adjust the EQ settings to max for each frequency.  This should slightly increase the volume on the device.

I am working to get details on the next BIOS update which I hope includes some of the requested updates.

There are many more requests under tracking but in an effort to not overwhelm I'll leave it here for now. 

Please also note:

  • Any plans, perceived commitments, etc. are subject to change and are not guaranteed, and dependent on technical feasibility.
  • Speed of issue resolution is not reflective of prioritization.  Some issues are easier to solve / requests are easier to implement than others.
  • If you do not see an issue you're concerned about above it does not necessarily mean it's not being looked at or worked on

As always thank you for your support and interest in Legion Go!

  • Thanks for the update. I am the same guy who was asking several questions about bypass charging in your AMA a month ago. Any update on those questions? Are we going to see bypass charging toggles and battery preservation mode implemented in the BIOS or in legion space in the near future? It was a feature advertised before release and it is hugely important for people using this in dock mode who want to preserve battery longevity and reduce heat buildup.

  • I had a question on apply game profiles, do you think you can elaborate more on what you'd like to get done with it? Will game profile and it's settings be customizable for each game in your library? What settings are being worked on?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Hi Ben, thank you so much for the updates! They’re greatly appreciated. I was curious if we were going to be seeing any performance-related firmware and bios updates? The Go is currently benchmarking well below the ROG Ally at TDPs below 20 running identical drivers. I know Asus ran into something similar with the Ally vs Steam Deck at launch and then released a bios update that made the Ally significantly faster than the Deck at 15-20W. Just wondering if we’ll be seeing anything similar from the Lenovo team. 

  • I had this issue before as well, saw this issue on Fortnite and Transformers Devastation games, when switching fullscreen the game stretches put and shows a black border on the right side and unable to click or select options from there.

  • Hey! I would like to report that there’s an issue with the usb c ports. When  trying to transfer data from an external ssd it keeps connecting and disconnecting the device and makes it impossible to transfer any data. I’ve tried with a samsung t7 ssd and the asus rog enclosure. These 2 work perfectly on my ally, steam deck and pc but on my legion Go they’re unusable.

    I also tried a few different cables and even a dock to see if that could help but had no luck with that either. The “good” thing is that is not only happening to me. There’s multiple people on the discord experiencing the exact same issue. I also turned off USB selective suspend in the power options/control panel, didn’t help.

    I also collected all the info I could from reddit and youtube to show that is a real issue:

    here’s a link to the reddit post that has multiple people with the same issue: https://www.reddit.com/r/LegionGo/s/JMU1q6jdaD

    here’s a link to a review that points out the exact same issue we’re experiencing in video (minute mark: 15:12): https://youtu.be/9lu6oAXVQhQ?si=iWttAqwrXeXZp11K

    Here’s also a screenshot from one of the community members sharing his thoughts:

    Most people experiencing this issue are talking about it possible being a “power draw” issue.

    Hopefully this is addressed as soon as possible along with the slow charge even when using very powerful powerbanks/bricks.

    Thanks in advance! 

  • Hello. We need the possibility to remap some button to the Home/Xbox/Guide feature.

    Xbox GameBar can't be opened at all on Legion Go, because there is no button for it.

  • What is the Lenovo go team doing about this portrait debacle? Why is it not showing in landscape mode when I connect to an external monitor?

  • Hello team Go, any word about this portrait fiasco? If you need further information, then ill cite my example, upon connecting to an external monitor I'm automatically kicked into portrait mode. Why? I don't want to turn my monitor vertical just to play a game that was intended to be played in landscape mode. 

  • Thanks very much for taking the time to communicate with the community here!  It means a lot!

    One of the features I'd like to see the most is custom button mapping.  Like the legion R button could bring up quick settings with a short press but that shortcut menu with a long press.
    I'd like to be able to map legion L+ Y3 to F11 as being able to pop in and out of full screen would be super useful in some cases (emulators).

    Y1 to ALT, Y2 to TAB could be useful.  Or perhaps Y1 to CTRL-C and Y2 to CTRL-V.

    Even better it would be cool if I could put custom key mappings into profiles and switch between them with something like Legion R + gamepad [up-down-left-right].
    This would really help people customize navigating a natively keyboardless device.

    I've struggled navigating the Legion Go while trying to get more obscure windows software to work (a feature I bought the Go for).  I've resorted to connecting a keyboard, but this hampers the portability.  Please consider robust custom button mapping as a feature request.

    •   can you confirm if the team is aware of this?